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  1. I need wing Windows or just the glass latch and nut I need A pillar trim in Maroon I need a whole other list of doodads. Call me Seven toooooo for. 448 nine five five Ohhhhh
  2. Check your private messages I want a package sent to me. I need a passengers side wing window latch and nut. I need a maroon left side (87 Marroon) A Pillar front trim. I need maroon seat belts I need Door handles, a matching sent of 92-96 vintage lock tumblers with the key. I might buy those tail lights. I need tailgate hardware that goes on the ends of the gates. I need a long bed factory skid I need a long bed hitch Call me 724 448 nine five five ohhh
  3. My opinion on lift is to go 3" with front coils and Kevin's off-road track bar and a set of general spring metric ton extra arch rear springs. 4 shocks of your choice and a HD steering Stabilizer.
  4. Cab corners and rockers and spare tire winch for LWB?
  5. Rockers and can corners and long wheel base spare tire winch?
  6. Looking for rust free spare tire winch for long bed truck
  7. I got a set of cab corner rocker panel Assy paid for and cut at a junk yard about 100 miles south of Ocala Florida! Need to get these brought to Ocala by 4-16. So they can get a ride to Pennsylvania with my buddy. Can anyone help me?
  8. Just wanted to send a shout out to the guys at General Spring in Kansas City for building and shipping out a set of double military wrap 2" lift springs in the metric ton dpuble overload leaf style to me in less than 10 days! I would post a pic but you know it don't work that way! Thanks guys!
  9. Bump for a set for me too!!
  10. I need a drivers side cut ASAP and if your truck is clean I will get the passengers side too, Please be willing to ship to me from the south. I will pay!! Amswor@yahoo.com
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