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Project 1999MJ


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New to the site here and it's nice to see everyone else that is into the MJ's Just wanted to share a couple pictures and maybe even the whole build up of this project.


It's 89 MJ 2.5 2wd I got for free from the OG owners. (my girlfriends father). Truck didn't run. SO I picked up a 99XJ that was crushed by a tree in the rear, and started the swap to the 1999MJ. Removed the entire wiring,drivetrain and Interrior from the XJ and massaged it into the MJ. Here's a coupe pictures





[/img]http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/11/web/479000-479999/479208_181_full.jpgp><p>     <!-- m --><a href=http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_im ... 6_full.jpg


' alt='>'>http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/11/web/479000-479999/479208_198_full.jpg

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That looks slick, so why they two different colors of new XJ front end pieces, is the drivers fender brand new? I really think you'll like the new interior, was the speedo hookup different?


That was a brand new fender on that side. I got the doner 99XJ and a tree had fell on it and caught the front fender also so I just replaced it. I took everything from the 99 so the spedo hooked up as if it was a 99.

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NICE work... the bob is hardly noticeable, and probably won't be onceyou paint it.


also like the interior... they sell molded carpet peices at quadratec, i think there's a thread going on somewher in here about that right now.


did all new XJs have dummy gauges?



I have the bed in the rear all primed now and you can't even tell it was cut.


The XJ I got was a base model and that picture was taken before I changed the cluster. I have a 97 cluster in it with the gauges and it was a direct plug in and everything works great

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she likes my xj, but not comanches :cry: they are too old and rusty but i say differntly


haha, NOTE: comanCHES plural. it may take her a while. (hopefully.)


just keep up the good work and soon theyll be 1999 models and real shiny i bet shell love the truck with carpet and a new paint job

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Tough to tell from the photos, is that a long box or short bed you bobed? What title you going to use? Comanche or Cherokee? Looken good.


That's a short box. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to title it as right now. I have both vin plates so I may keep it a comanche and just chenge the vin plate in the cherokee dash

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Here's a couple more pictures. I got the body work done on the bed,coated it with duraback, got the tail lights mounted and did a little trimming. I also did a spring over in the rear. I'm either going to be doing a 60 or a 9" in the rear in the real near future but just wanted to get it up in the air a little.


I also have a set of RE7.5 Front springs in route to my house and Johnny joints and some bushing barels so I can start on the long arms.






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why the giant gas tank in the bed?



When I did the 99 cherokee engine swap I wanted to keep the Cherokee fuel tank and the stock fuel pump. The cherokee filler neck location isn't the same as the comanche is so I decided to just mount it in the bed and I am building an enclosure over the tank which will house 2 air tanks as well and a storage compartment for tow straps and some tools. The stock filler door on the bed will have air fitting located behind it so I can run so air tools or just air back up after wheelin

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