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There will be Booze:

Sir Sam

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So I had a pretty good crop of apples this year, last year I got none, hail destroyed all the buds early in the summer. Figured there's only so many apples I can eat so I'm planning to turn the others into booze. Went out and got some supplies, gonna start fermenting some apples and then still construction shall commence.


Will be posting updates:


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Got the still up and running. Right now I have some cheap vodka I am running as a test distillation.






Ok the first few shots have come off. I took a little sip and then went running like a little girl for something to chase it. HOLY CRAP! that was strong, I have no idea how strong, but it was strong.


So I decided to do the fire test:



Ya it burns, which means its gotta be pretty high. Gonna need a hydrometer soon.

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Why not just make wine its alot easyer and safer. You can only get three results with wine. The best result will be good tasting wine, poor results will be bad tasting wine (still gets you drunk), and worst results you will get vinager.


If it's not illegal it's not worth doing.

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Brandy is just distilled wine and taste much better.

Mmmmm... apple brandy th-homer.gif


That's kinda the idea.


Good stuff. I am still working on a bottle of Cognac a bud brought me as a gift. Mmmm.... Brandy....

Don't forget to make some apple compote with that apple brandy, too.

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So I'm building a new better still:


My buddy and I finally got around to doing some work last week, today I went ahead and got some more stuff done.


Gotta make the coil tomorrow and then find a kettle, then its time to run some vinegar through to clean it on, then onto the booze!







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I got the number for AA somewhere around here..... :no:


That would imply I have a problem, me only problem is that this is not done yet!


Seems like a lot of trouble as compared to just walking into a liquor store. But then again, there is that 'did it myself' mystic.


Ya, why build a Jeep when you can just go out and buy one!

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go down to your local farming shop and get you some sweet corn feed. add water and yeast let it sit for a bit then run it through said still a couple times. get you some real cheap drink shine. oh and since you have a thermostat I'm sure you know with it the temp will settle twice the low temp its burning off the methanol(make you blind stuff) then it will bump up and give you your ethanol ie good stuff then start creeping to water boiling temps and it will be just water. . I make wine and soon I'm going to start my first beer b.c this wine is taking WAY to long. I'm not patient enough to do this. but the strawberry wine i have fermenting smells really good, and has a nice color. now only if i liked wine.

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Me and my buddy have spent near $100 in copper/fittings and supplies, trust me when I say I know a little something about shine.


The cool thing about this still is that I can run it as a reflux or a potstill.

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