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Spare parts , what do u carry?


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Well iv been getting ready for a camping / wheeling trip to kyburz CA. and have been stocking up on spare parts to carry with me on the trail incase I or someone else break something . Since I'm the type of guy that would "rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" i typicaly carry to much but since I'm spending alot in gas and lodging to tow the manch up there and i don't want to break in the first 2 hours and have to spend even more time and money trying to find parts out in the boonies etc .....


So what i have so far that i can think of at the top off my head


long side , short side superior cromo shafts (still runing stock 297's)

2 dana spicer front u-joints

1 mile marker front stub shaft

1 warn locking hub , 2 mile markers

1 rear u-joint

1 front drive shaft

a couple u-joint strap kits

1 stock uni-bearing (not for me)

1 stock rotor " "

1 stock stub " "

assorted hoses: coolant , vacum etc...

assorted nuts and bolts

the necessary belts

electrical stuff :wire , fuses, conections ,relays etc...

spare tire

some u bolts

hopefully a leaf pack



i will update as i think of stuff , but tell me what yall carry for spare parts

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Always carry a full change of clothes, a towel, jacket, stocking cap, and gloves. You may laugh at the idea, but wait till you're weiner deep in mud, you'll want an extra pair of levis


MRE's are another good thing. I do believe there's a similar post on the board :typing:

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holy crap, what don't I bring. oh wait, that's right, a water pump. :shake: The one thing that truly let me down. At least it was on the way home from the 3 week trip.


I generally bring everything I can think of. U-joints, pair of axle shafts for the front, one for the rear, spare hub, tie-rod, various light bulbs, fuses and engine sensors, lug nuts, wire/hose, nuts/bolts/screws, engine belt, 3 gal of drinkable water, full oil change, alternator, and I'm sure I'm missing stuff. Yeah, I'm that guy. :D If it fits, it goes with me.


But since I have Ford axles and a lot of custom parts, I also bring spares for Jeeps too. tie rod, front axle shafts, unit bearing, Dana 35 C-clip rear axle shafts, HO sensors, etc. Just stuff I had left over. But I don't necessarily carry all that heavy stuff with me on the trail. I'll leave it behind at camp.

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full set of front shafts

2 1310 u-joints

unit bearing


tools to do most "common" repairs


probably the most important is a trailer


Don't carry a spare alternator and idler pulley? :rotf:


you should know that answer.




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I like the idea of carrying an extra altenator and water pump especialy since i wiggled the pump the other day and it seemed a little loose . what else , nobody else carrys anything note worthy.






Spare beer? for the new friends you find on the trails?


and thats just a given! :yes:

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