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Poll: Tailgate up or down


Which way provides better mileage  

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  1. 1. Which way provides better mileage

    • Tailgate up (closed)
    • Tailgate down (open)/missing/use of a net

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Here's the clip from the ep:

In their tests, the net was best. Tailgate up, tailgate removed, and tonneau cover all did about the same. Tailgate down was the worst.


That really surprises me about the net. I've always figured those were gimmicks, and I still don't understand what makes it different than simply removing the tailgate ... I guess maybe it helps to create the "air pocket" effect of tailgate up with less weight? :dunno:


Also seems to me that there are just too many variables at play. The aerodynamics of the cab, speed you usually drive, etc. Like was said above, MJ's have the aerodynamics of a toaster on wheels - the tailgate is the least of our worries. I don't think a tailgate net is going to make up for a winch up front or a set of 33"s :D


IMO, the only fuel-saver "mods" that make any sense on our trucks are manual transmissions, good driving habits, reduced weight, and gearing. :chillin:

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