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Boring MJ how to fix ?


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How dose one fix a Boring truck ? . . . I'm getting Bord with my Comanche how do make this shoe box more fun ?




Turn it into a transformer? What do you want it to do? It has 4 wheels and a pickup box. It's not a race car, or a rice mobile. Just a utilitarian truck.


What I would do:

Get it running right consistently.

Fix the rust.

AX5 Conversion.

4x4 Conversion.

Brush guard.

Roll bar.


Small lift.

30-31" tires.


Drive the crap out of it. comanche.gif


Bord=BorEd. Dose=DOES

Rob L. ;)

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Swap in a blown 514 Cobra-Jet, dry-sump of course, Stak 4-speed transfercase, 2.5 ton rockwells, and 54" boggers. But keep the body, interior, and bumpers all stock.



Mike- take it wheeling, you won't be bored. I love going out and doing a

little mudding, or "trail riding" in my mj

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Work on getting it in 100% shape by August. Drive it to the San Juans of Colorado and do EVERY trail in the area. Camp and enjoy life. Then drive it back. :yes:


Take lots and lots of pics for us to drool over. Or you could even invite the Comanche Club members!

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:dunno: trail riding a 2WD Jeep pickup :dunno: sound pointless :hmm:


If a Grand Caravan can make it to the top of Imogene Pass, I have NO DOUBT a 2wd pickup could make it :banana: Although you might smoke the brakes going down without low-range :ack:

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:cheers: well in that case :chillin: count me in my brakes are all brand new :cheers:


i mean everything :smart: shoes, pads, rotors, drums, wheel cylinder's, caliper's, lines, and master cylinder :thumbsup:


:dunno: new tire's, starter, plugs,wires, cap, rotor, TPS, MAPS, Coil pack, I/M, fuel pump fuel filter, and fuel/vac lines jamminz.gif


Coming soon shock's, and steering stabilizer :wall: there badly rusted :fs1:


:banana: can't get any more sound then that :hmm:




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