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XJ good price or not?


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auto tranny

3" oof lift at least not for sure.

Big bumper, looks hommade but well constructed.


The coolest thing is its RIGHT HAND DRIVE!! jamminz.gif


The car dealer is asking 3995$ seems high considering its got some trail rash/rust.

and it has around 150K on it.

so is it worth chasing after for that [price, could prolly talk him down to at least 3K



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Theyre asking that much because its RHD and they think they can sell it to paper delivery people who buy that stuff because they are hard to find and somewhat sought after. Kelly blue book put Excellent condition retail value at $2890, but they don't list RHD as an option.

Private party value for fair cond is $1200, good cond $1550, exc cond $1850, Trade in value is between $400, and $900 depending on condition. Go to kbb.com, print this stuff out and go in to them informed, Take $2000 cash with you when you go and offer that right there and if they don't budge, then its up to you on how much you want it. Good luck, I hope you get it!

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dasbulliwagen- thats what my plan of attack was didnt have a chance earlier to check

KBB, but those numbers are a lot lower than i expected. Should b able to talk this guy

down a lot.


My budget isnt as much as id like it to be, so 3K is even a little outta reach.


The thought of having a RHD XJ is just awesome though, for some reason :dunno:

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3k is way overpriced. You can go buy a nice 1k XJ that hasn't been abused and then install your own lift and overweight bumper. :thumbsup:

but can you get a 1K right hand drive XJ? :nuts: diddnt think so....

i kid, i kid.... if youve got the money, buy it, if it makes you happy. :thumbsup:


Yes, and it's 2 years younger.


1996 Jeep Cherokee-Right side drive - $1350 (Virginia Beach)



Date: 2010-01-31, 10:14AM EST

Reply to: see below





Right side drive, 4 wheel drive, great condition, has transmission leak, but drives good. Good inspection sticker. Great remote control stereo with cd player. Call Scott (757)435-0410





Here's the link http://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/1579110038.html


To the OP, if that is a dealer he will not bend on the price because he knows he'll find a sucker sooner or later. Usually one that doesn't have the cash and he'll offer him financing which will net him more cash. For 3k, you could find a 97+ in execellent condition. If you prefer the earlier body style, than 1k to 2k should be a good price range for 94-96. You just have to be patient.



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Pateince is key ........ I know the lift, tires and bumper are cool, but if its stock has a better potentail for a clean unbeaten history. If you want a wheeler/beater than go for it. I snagged my crazy clean 96 HO, that only needed a tail pipe and rear gas struts for $1200, it runs like a champ and gets 21mpg when I baby it. No need to rush, theres a Billion Xj's out there.


right hand drive ........ eh, it may help you parellel park better, otherwise its just goofy

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Cool ? Yes !


Worth it ? Maybe ?


Rare ? Totally !


I'd tell him to take the bumper off and knock off 500.00 bucks . Make your own batch of beffy on there !


To me it looks like someone is missing the end of a swing set . :brows:

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