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Feeler for rear tail light seals - now with pics

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I am in the process of making a new set of the six seals that keep the water out of our MJ tail lights. These seals go around the bulb housing and seal against the plastic itself. There are six on each truck, and they are 1 3/4 inches OD and 1 inch ID.


I am making the replacement seals out of laminated close-cell foam that is mildew resistant and rot proof. I will post some pics if there is interest.


I want to see if anyone is interested in buying the sets, I am flexible but believe that .50 cents per seal would be reasonable. Please let me know.


PS: Mods - if this is in the wrong section please move.

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OK - here's the pics:



The actual material sheet



The origional seal






Seal in cutter showing fit




New Seal



Height comparison


I have tried them in the lights and they work very well, and are actually a better fit (more snug) when the scoket is inserted. Ya'll let me know if you want them by PM'ing me with your info.



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For some dumbass reason I couldn't dicyfer what you were talking about at first Jake. Put me down for a set. These could also be adapted to the front bulb sockets using the right punches? Si?


Absolutely could be adapted for the front as well as the XJ light seals (I would need someone to get the XJ dimentions to me - Ralph is at school). The punch set goes from 1/8 inch to 2 inches, and can cut through up to 1/2 inch material (if you wack it good). The set comes with 27 punches, can be ordered from online tool sellers for about 49.99 (and up) and is called Grip hollow punch set.


And, as I PM'd to one of the buyers, I'm not looking to make any money here - just cover the cost of the materials. I simply wanted to help us protect our $300.00 investment in our taillights. :chillin:


For those who want them, I take Paypal and just PM me here with your info. I will mail them regular mail for about .75 (and put some cardboard in the envelope so they don't get crushed).

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