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  1. Quarter from 2013, laminated comanche club card and a set of tail lights
  2. It's deziped and he is from sutherlin. Not sure if he sent it tho, trying to find his number and will give him a call
  3. Googlemaps doesn't show any mjs in front of the house or and oil stains in the driveway so maybe not from cc? Think there's a guy on here name dezipped that is in sutherlin so some where close by
  4. So I remember a post some place about the best 3inch lifts and seems I can't find it....am I crazy or die we lose some posts?
  5. See, I knew there would be some one to tell me why I shouldn't do it. Thanks Pete
  6. You know, I have been wondering the same thing lately and I don't see why you couldn't use your old shock Mount plate. just flip it over to the top of the leaf spring. Can anyone tell me why this isn't a good idea?
  7. Putting them back up for sale, 87warrior stopped responding. Will do PayPal now also.
  8. Where abouts are you? Thinking of selling my 87 longbed 4x4 5 speed. Located in so.Oregon
  9. Sorry I didn't see this, yea I can do $40 shipped. I don't use PayPal but check or money order will work. Send me pm or email me at XxStirCrazedxX@gmail.com and we will get this worked out.
  10. I got 4 caps that were in the back of my 89 when I pulled it home, I don't know what there worth but 40 for the set?
  11. I say go for it, but make it 2 wright ups. One just for the regear and one for just the swap. We need more 1 topic wright ups on the interwebs
  12. i know its been awhile sence i been here, but never gave up the comanches. :thumbsup: So tuesday one of my customers from work stoped by my house while i was working on the 87 and asked if it was for sale, told him $2500 and he can have it haha. he told me about a shortbed 4.0 5speed down the road thats been parked awhile and guy wanted $300 for it. after talking to him he said he didnt want it because its a unibody :hmm: so yesterday i pull in to this shady @$$ rv park (think 3 people living in a 30ft RV) and 40 of these shabby places in this park. I find the comanche and go knock on the door, guys a tweak job forsure! Talking with him he told me it was a 88 and the engine was torn down because it smoked alittle and he wanted to fix it before it got worse. pop the hood and he only had it torn down to the head gasket but everything looked to be there, i told him i was interesed in it for parts and would give him $200 and he jumped on it, so i paid the man, got the title and towed it out of there with a quickness.... get it home and start looking round... its a 89 with a ax15! pull the carpet up and NO RUST! hell yes i scored right?!?! looking at the title....TOTALED RECONSTRUCT! DAMN IT!!!! start looking around can't find anything that looks like its been repaired other then the smashed in door? :hmm: oh well i don't plan of selling it anyways :cheers: on with some pics :clapping:
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