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  1. Is there any difference between the 4.0 and 2.5 boxes? If not I have one taken from a 4.0 that I would sell
  2. HI Aiden, I have a tan interior pieces and a more complete collection of dark grey if you are intereseted.
  3. I still have the brackets from mine, I'll pm you tonight after work.
  4. are you still looking for the plugs?
  5. are you still looking for a jack? Local yard just got a 88 Pioneer (Auto) with the jack in it. No tire iron though. I also have a grey bench (1991) that is available.
  6. Had a 88 Comanche with automatic show up a few days ago at the local yard. I'm unable to get a price for the harness until tomorrow but will see what the cost is for you. I've been more focused on pulling the items in the back but do not need the harness as I already have a spare. I also was able to get he po's name from an old registration left in the car. I'll be calling him in the next few days to see what items worked on the truck and why it was sold, other than the body being shot.
  7. snakedoc67

    Trim ring

    Will be keeping the body as a spare. Tan interior, if you have any interest I will see what panels I have left, dash is gone already
  8. I have one in good shape $10 plus shipping from 68507
  9. snakedoc67

    Trim ring

    I should have this one still, will need to check in the morning if you are still looking for one.
  10. looking for a p/n for the O-ring that goes between the power steering pump and reservoir or the equivalent material/size since the O-ring is a green color.
  11. not working for me,also I cannot view my content outside of a small date window
  12. Just started driving the MJ after two years of it being off the road. It was running fine and I was starting to put it to work again but it started acting up when I put it in reverse. Start of the problem occurred when I drove it a short distance with the parking brake on, since the light is on continously (wiring to the parking brake is not connected) I did a stupid and forgot to release it. When I would try to back up, it would take high revs, and the truck would only travel about half a foot before it would stop moving, and would feel like one or more wheels were locking up. Forward movem
  13. Pm if you are interested. one set left of the lower sills
  14. I have a set of mirrors that I am not going to be using anymore. Drivers side bent over as I was driving down the interstate, was able to see it in time and pull it inside before I lost the mirror. Passenger's side is all there, the mirror portion is loose and flops around, I can look at it tomorrow to see if it just needs tightening down. At first I liked the look of them, but after a couple long trips with a trailer or loads in the back blocking my view, the inability to adjust the passenger side from the drivers seat is not going to work for me even if the mirrors were still in good shape a
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