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  1. possibly ill check tomorrow
  2. ok I give I will take any color a pillar moldings and paint them
  3. I'm intrested in a pillar b pillar rear under window what are thec2 PC next to a pillar?
  4. Painted the grill black. Added some 31s
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Also thanks for the move to the correct section
  6. Hi all, I have searched all over and cannot find my answer. What year Dakota or Durango steering gearbox or zj is bolt in?
  7. Adjustable control arms installed
  8. Booster,master and proportioning valve upgrade
  9. Thanks Zambeezy The conversion was pretty easy. being as the 2wd version just has a straight tube instead of a differential.That part was simple. If you can find a complete donor vehicle that makes it much easier then piecing it together.
  10. my only thought is time to bring back some black. bumpers door handles and maybe grill
  11. 3 years later still looking good. I started converting to bucket seats. Now looking for beige seat covers and some trim
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