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  1. 92' jeep comanche Model: CMH 4.0, ax15, 231, d30, ford 8.8 Currently in sw kansas Runs great, bought in the middle of being built by previous owner, looks as though most things have been improved upon... 1ton leafs, upper and lower control arms with the ball and socket ends, billstein shocks, moog ends, Spicer u joints, 32" kenda lever mts, just needs drivin more to test for leaky seals and gaskets... not sure how much he drove it... have lots or spare parts, OEM running boards, roll bar, skid plates, seat belts, turbine center caps, 2 radiators, brand new carpet, tan lea
  2. Thanks... I will probably be doing a lot of custom work with this as it appears to missing panels and some broken ones...
  3. LHello...first post here... going to put my vin in the registry in a bit. I'm wondering if comanches have dome lights? I bought my 92' with the interior already pulled and I'm about to start putting it back together, supposed to have all the peices but haven't seen a "dome" light or wires...
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