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Finally got her finished... Mostly (before and after pics)

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Ive been working on the Comanche pretty solid since June. Totally took apart, restored, and put back together. I sandblasted the unibody and re-painted it, new lift, newer wheels and tires........(nevermind, I would list new parts all day long) I've still got some compounding and polishing to finish up on the paint job and a few other odds and ends. But all in all, I'm happy to get it back on the road. Now, some before and after shots.


This was the day I brought it home (before)


97 front end conversion (a little later)


Interior (before)


Interior (after) It has 97 Cherokee 2 door buckets in now.





How it sits today (after) I didnt waste my time with doing much to the front bumper. I'm going to be replacing it when the finances permit.


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Thank you for the compliments! :cheers:


Looking good. Have you tried seeing how it looks with the canopy back on the bed now that the other upgrades have been completed?


I didn't really like the truck cap to begin with so Ive got it sitting in the backyard collecting spiders. I don't plan on ever putting it back on because I have a roll bar that's going in the bed as soon as I blast a little rust off of it and re-paint it. If anyone is interested in the truck cap in the pictures, Ill let it go really cheap.


wow, looks great! I think the Rubi wheels always look good on MJs. did you paint it yourself? How much lift?



Yea, the Moabs are a sweet wheel, I picked up the set of wheels and tires for $300. :brows: I did do all the work myself with a helping hand on spraying the paint from my pop, its not 100% flawless but I saved a buttload of money and I'm proud to have accomplished it, turned out much better than I anticipated. I lifted the truck with the M.O. 3". The rear seemed to net quite a bit more lift than the front, so I ended up installing a 3/4" spacer up front to try to level it out. It still has a noticeable forward rake but I thought it would be best to let the new leafs and coils settle before I make any more changes.


Looks good, nice job! Bet it feels good knowing that the underside is rust free with fresh paint! :thumbsup:


Oh, for sure! I got pretty fortunate with the rust.. For being a rust belt truck it was very minimal. Surface rust at most underneath.

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Damn, that would be such a great daily driver.


Yea, that was the goal when I bought the truck. I really just wanted a good, reliable, respectable looking truck to daily drive so I can keep the miles off the Rubi (and money in my wallet). Thanks again to everyone for the compliments.0

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Very nice job mate! Is the final paint the same as the original?


Thank you! :cheers:


Actually, I wanted something a little bit darker than the original grey with a little more flare. So, I went to the local paint supply and settled on a "Dark Grey Pearl" which is a Toyota color. I did 4 coats of the base, then I did 4 coats of clear with additional white pearl mixed in as a mid coat and 3 additional coats of plain clear so when I wet sanded and buffed I wouldn't cut into the pearl clear and cause any splotches. The pictures really don't do the final product justice, it REALLY pops at you when the sun hits those body lines.


Anyways, adding the additional white pearl in the mid coat of clear actually lightened up the appearance of the base. It's still a little darker than the original like I wanted, thankfully.

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Looks good. I see you put in new carpet. Where did you get it? I was curious what you thought of the build quality of it compared to the OEM carpets?


I bought an aftermarket ACC kit. I think it ran me about 100 bucks shipped or so. I think the quality is pretty good considering the price. I wouldn't say that it's quite as good as OEM but it's impossible to find anything comparable to OEM at a reasonable price. The only thing that was a pain was getting it trimmed and fitting 100%.


lookin damn good i like the rims is that a 01 cherokee grill it looks good


Yea, thanks! I bought a 97' Cherokee for parts that was blown up. I switched out all the old sheet metal for the Cherokee front end.. It was pretty straight forward having everything I needed there. The mirrors worked too with a little trimming. I'm definitely happy with the looks. Makes the older truck a little more stylish.

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I'm a Cincinnati guy too!


We should get together sometime, and talk MJ's! :cheers:

I live in indiana about 20 miles from cincy, I'm thinking we need an MJ road trip to do some wheeln! jamminz.gif


Nice looking build BTW, has a nice stance to it. !!


lets go! :thumbsup:

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