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  1. GATOR88

    anybody from north georgia

    do know what kinda transmissions are in them i am looking fer a ax-15 trying to get rid of my ba-10 junk
  2. GATOR88

    anybody from north georgia

    i am over in lagrange, west point area almost alabama ther is a big junkyard in south georgia by fort benning
  3. GATOR88

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    well i took my tranny out it was leaking really bad put new front seal and let her eat :driving:
  4. GATOR88


    :shake: :rotf: i can see wear this is going to go
  5. GATOR88


    what up anyone in georgia that wants to go and start a mudd racing team i have been wanting to start one up fer a while but no one has the desire to :dunno:
  6. GATOR88

    my 88 manche

    i like the paint job the grey looks good i think and i just pulled the tranny out to day i had a bad seal so hopefully i will be back on the road in a day or two
  7. GATOR88

    my 88 manche

    i got most of the dents out of the side with a toilet plunger if everything goes to plan it will be on 36's :brows: :drool:
  8. needs a little work but over all she looks good
  9. GATOR88


    i am trying to put so pics of my mj on here but i am not to good with this computer thing how do u put them on here :wall: :hateputers:
  10. GATOR88

    leaky tranny

    4.0 with a peugeot 5 speed
  11. GATOR88

    leaky tranny

    its real thick fluid black coming from the bell of the tranny and when i was driving i heard a cracking noise the fluid isnt motor oil its to thick its gear oil
  12. yep my tranny leaks like a stuck pig gear oil every wear i think it might be a bearing,bushing or seal i was leaving melbourne fl to go back home to georgia and 4 to 5 hours into the ride i stoped fer gas and a big ole puddle sittin under it :headpop: :headpop:
  13. GATOR88

    Wild Hog Trapping

    florida down in the swamp they are thick i just got a big ole boar (250)pound biggest one i got so far i just moved back to georgia can't wait to hit the woods and see what i come across :D
  14. GATOR88

    quarter lockers

    well eventually i am going to up grade to 1 tons (axles)
  15. GATOR88

    quarter lockers

    yes cw selectable hubs :fool: in the south we call them quarter lockers