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update 3!

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got one of the 97 up doors on the jeep and pulled it outside to work on my buddies ranger.


latches arnt mounted yet tho. put my CHROME(watch out hornbrod)door handles/locks/mirrors on to. o and bo(shelbyluv) i broke one of your visors...whoops.

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Lookin' good JB. RH drive, truly going to be one of a kind.


I thought I had a few too many BL's when I looked at that the first time..... :chillin:


JB, you doin' some kinda IFS in the front of that? Or does the tube axle harpoon it's way thru the engine block? :razz:



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Nice silver. is that a custom mix or some factory color? At first I thought you shot some huge sheet that was as wide as a bumper :hmm: , now i see it's a welding cupon ...duh.

I can't wait to see it painted. Maybe I'll get you to do mine later. What's the name of the shop where you work?


EDIT: now i'm curious why silver when you have so much chrome? most people like darker colors for contrast.

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