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  1. Did not bought it from the dealer , it was a used car... Anyways I know It´s been like forever here´s what happened ... Found a 2009 dodge caliber with the same engine (2.4) with only 68.000 miles on it, threw it in and that was it... the Patriot has been working as good as new, also took some time to put new parts on it since the engine was out , like new clutch set form mopar, air/oil filter,fresh oil, engine flush, new brake pads, and besides that issue the car has been worth avery penny as a daily driver and gas saver and of course took it for long road trips with no problems to deal with....
  2. Hello everyone does someone remember wich is the part# for the side pillars light swap? thanks for your help ;)
  3. I own a 2008 jeep patriot (not 4x4) and I know this is not a Patriot forum but since theres a few members that used to work at Chrysler'jeep'dodge dealers i thought some could have some ideas about this issue ... My engine its gone , I can tell by the pieces of piston I have found over the skid plate . I wonder if there's another dodge car engine block that fits my "Pat" it comes with the 2.4 vvt engine, since they are kinda hard to find I was thinking about dodge neons or something like that , perhaps a Jeep compass ... please help
  4. Man, if that ain't the truth. If your yard looks like a u-pull-it(aka jim) Dude!!! thats how my bedroom used to be ha! but then I got married Ha Ha!! :typing:
  5. Paradisemj thanks for the [pics !!! great help my friend, everything is working porperly now... My MJ is ready now for this net summer in Baja... Problem was I wasnt getting any Vacuum from the manifold, since I did an entire swap from 4 cyl to 6 cyl and took off the entire wiring and harness I guess I forgot to connect that line into the manifold bottom line Thanks to everyone for your help and to paradisemj for the pictures!!! :cheers:
  6. yeah already did check the vacuum canister lines they are fine what I'm looking for is a pic or diagram to find out what line is missing cause i have no line coming from the right side of the engine or air filter box...
  7. hello my mj has this "air" issue when I turn on the a/c it works fine but the air goes to the upper vents resulting in a very cool windshield. somebody have a picture or diagram of the vacuum lines that control the direction of air flow? Thanks :wrench:
  8. Here´s what I found after a quick search... viewtopic.php?f=7&t=20379 let me check on my pc back up to see if I can show you more pics on the process and my mistake actually the post was mine ... :oops: :wrench:
  9. Terrawombat : why don't you try to cut off the rear sides of a 97-01 XJ and weld´em to the previously cutted sides of the bed sides of your mj do some minor body work and you will be good to go... Rear bumper ends are a diferent story but you can get it done by using 2 sets of bumper ends ;) just try to ask ivanonlysix about it he done the entire 2001 conversion inside-out and his MJ looks like factory work :cheers:
  10. I'm glad you kept the MJ ... mine has share 8 years with me and trust me when I say that she aint going anywhere :cheers:
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