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  1. I am very close to Atlanta Motor Speedway . The truck currently has ecco wheels on it and those are the ones going . Oddly I don't have any doors , I had a parts car and planned on buying 97 doors . those are the only parts missing it is an Elim. so I have bucket seats and console . good renix 4.0 that ran well and the Aw4 got the job done . the bed and body is rust free w minor dents rear bumper and tail lights are good . . Anybody interested PM me w/ an offer or reqest more info -ANDY ***Edit:*** If I were to part it out it would have to be for major pieces : Engine+Tranny $450 , complete bed $350 bucket seats $150 , ect.... someone would be much better off buying the whole thing .
  2. NOW FOR SALE......Not enough time for this project . I'd love to sell it to another enthusiast . I have it posted in classifieds
  3. Well, I have become one of those guys....The ones who started a project and have to abandon it . My sorrow could be your gain . 88 2wd eliminator (partially dissasembled) http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13809 aprox 215k on the clock , engine was rebuilt at 180k, bored .30 over has Borla manifold and rusty's K&nN intake . I drove it at least once a week untill I started "The makeover" *********$650.00********* price will likely raise as it goes back together. Not concerned if it sels quick or not , message me if interested -ANDY
  4. If the stripes don't give it away the reflecting cargo plane might ....
  5. It looks nice, just like the Gm crossovers. I'm glad they have more rear leg room , the current ones stink .The self lifting suspension will impress your buddies on the golf course. Good luck when it breaks . It's obvious there's only one real Jeep anymore . Maybe they should go back to that slogan.
  6. I didn't know AEV made hoods for MJ's . Looks cool wherever it came from. Hows the ride with 18 In wheels ?
  7. I've been to the one on moreland, but it's been awile. What happened to the u-pull place in Fayetteville. That was SWEET while it lasted. what was it 30 bucks for anything you can carry, 50 for a wheelbarrow. : edit, Sorry, maybe I should stop jacking your thread
  8. can't go wrong w black Shelby, I was thinking Red Rock then maybe Jeep Green , but mine will be Inferrno red w/ some Patriot blue . Jb what pull a part do you go to ? Makes sence you're painting the dash sence it's smooth. -Andy
  9. We'll have an Atlanta meet by this time next year. Go to Stone MTN or the Varsity or somthing. Looks good JB, can't wait to see the paint on it . Are you going w/ the silver all over? SHELBY I assume you are keeping the black theme. Right? JB, what did you pay for your doors? I've been quoted 135 each (all pwr)from a JY but seems a little high. You guys keep an eye out for another local solid rear window will ya? I'd really like to get one but no hurry. I've got to get busy on the body work if I'll be driving in a year. Later -Andy ' edit: Jb My Parts car is a 96 country , you may would like the wood grain door panels. I won't be using them in mine.
  10. will a header for a 88 (non HO) fit a 96 head. I'm pretty sure they don't . I'd love it if they did. of course I mean for the 4.0 . Somebody tell me I just need another bung for o2 sensor somthing like that ....
  11. Minor progress report. Mocking up wheels at this point is dumb but fun , I'll go with the 17"s like the back . 16's can go on my xj when it needs tires. Starting to de-engine this thing. trying to keep wiring intact incase I use or sell the Motor. Georgia is good to Comanche floors.
  12. OK , I'll keep looking for options then , I'm 6'2" and have short legs I wonder if any of the other current jeeps have shorter seats. Not that I'm even close to working on interior. Keep up the good work , it keps the rest of us motovated. -Andy
  13. Nice seat mod. I was curious if they would fit. Is the seating surface alot higher than stock? (If you remember) I'm trying to decide if I'm going to re-cover these factory buckets. I wonder if KK seats would fit..
  14. Nice silver. is that a custom mix or some factory color? At first I thought you shot some huge sheet that was as wide as a bumper :hmm: , now i see it's a welding cupon ...duh. I can't wait to see it painted. Maybe I'll get you to do mine later. What's the name of the shop where you work? EDIT: now i'm curious why silver when you have so much chrome? most people like darker colors for contrast.
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