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Anyone have kids with automotive inspired names?


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I love my Jeep, but Ive also been involved with air cooled Volkswagens for 20 years. Including the legendary Beetle, Microbus, and Karmann Ghia. I don't know how I got it by my wife, but she agreed that we could name our daughter "Ghia". So on Oct 21, 2008 Ghia was born. I hear stories every once in a while about people naming their kids like this, just wondered if anyone on here has done the same thing, or am I the only crazy one? :nuts:

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I know a girl named Shelby. :yes:


Me too!


I named both my kids after Mopars.


My son's name is Dakota and my daughter's name is Shelby.


This is what I named Dakota after.




And this is where Shel's name came from




How old is your daughter?

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had a dog named Massey after Massey Harris tractor's (my dad had a soft spot for them as he and his grandfather used to work on them together).


apparently she thought that would make him like the dog :nuts:. she's also the one who named my cat Rudabega (Rudy) which is some wierd queer fruitish vegetable thing I guess :dunno:


....damn cat's had that name for 8 years now. I'm wondering when her mid-life crisis will come and she'll change her name...

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