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sliding back glass

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If it's a 3 peice you'll have to replace the entire back glass. They are factory sealed and there is no way to get a new slider in there.


I had the same problem and made a new slider out of clear plastic. Cut to fit and then bend it in. From a distance you can't tell the difference, but it doesnt seel out moisture/heat/cold very well.


Best part is if you lock your keys in the cab you can punch it out and grab em' (depending on how much of a contortionist you are, and ofcourse where the keys are in your truck :brows: )




Yeaaaa :nuts:

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A -Z truck supply 125.00 delivered to the door for the 4 panel . I don't know where some people buy their stuff but they need to start looking around . Oh by the way that is for the dark tint .

Do you have a picture of the 4 panel installed in your truck?

Is it a CRL?

Did the gasket fit back in easily?

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He's out of town for a few days.


I'm Baaack :evil:




Yea, drop me a PM and I'll quote you a new CRL slider.


Your choice of the Light tinted or the Dark tinted, plus I include 2 tubes of Urethane sealant with the slider.


http://products.crlaurence.com/ProductP ... ml?Origin=


Having both the 3 panel and the 4 panel slider, the 4 lite give you a wider opening ;)


And, an order is going in this week :roll:

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