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I like mud!!! Share your mud photo!!


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chevy parts manager


95 yj stuck in a little hole 5 mins from my house. local


my 90 mj after getting back from a dry trip




toyota tech and i playing after work 1000 line



my old 85 4skinner

right creek


92 xj 3" lift 33 right creek




a buddie barrowed my 85 oops right creek pond




my 89 toy 4" 35bfg ats right creek





best friends 1992 3.0 v6 6' 35 bfgmts toy wild cat creek




1962 dodge instagater lechner's anual mud bog




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Since we don't wheel the MJ, I can only participate in this stuff with our YJ. These are from several years ago when we liked mud, but we don't like it any more since discovering rocks jamminz.gif


I did get out of this without help...




Me pulling a TJ through the puddle... ;)


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man these pics make me envyous. we have no wilderness in this town. closest thing i get to wheeling is driving halfway on a curb to get around some jackass that doesnt know when to turn :headpop: .

closest thing i get to mud is when it rains and i get to drive threw some puddles on that street they are doin construction on :ack:

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:smart: Just a little FYI ...


It would be helpful for us if some of ya'll would go to your profile and fill in your location ... ;) :cheers: . Folks keep talking about "where I am" and "around here", but where the @#^% are you :brows:

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