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  1. Yeah the door has been sagging for a while. I usually just pick it up and close it, but after having a week where everything went wrong...I kinda took my frustration out on my door :rotfl2: :fool: Finding a 97+ door could be easyer but id definently throw a picture up 1st and see If theres any other options. classic :rotf: Brandon sure thing i'll look for a 97+ door right away :D
  2. The latch on my 1998 Xj's driver door broke. if anyone needs pics ill see if i can get some. basically the door itself cracked around the bolts holding the latch in there. just wondering if there's anyway i could take the door apart and just weld it back together, or should i call it a loss and get a new door?
  3. The latch broke inside my driver door last night.just looking for a driver door with power mirror, windows and locks in the st cloud minnesota area preferably.
  4. That sounded like me a couple years ago. i ended up being in the hospital for almost a couple weeks and in ICU for a few of those days. Hope hes gunna be ok
  5. i knew it. my buddy and i betted eachother a drink if they made them or not. the thing is he said it doesnt count because he said we were talking about the I6 not a V6. i didnt realize it wasnt the I6 when we betted. but isnt a 4.0 a 4.0 when you make a bet? i dunno what you all think? i lose or or win the bet? :???:
  6. did they ever make a liberty with a 4.0 in it? I swear i saw one driving around the other day. Just wondering if it was real or someone just slapped a 4.0 sticker on it. If they actually did, anyone got a link for me?
  7. Thats rediculous. I thought everyone would know by now white guys arent allowed to use the race card in this country. Its part of our repriation agreement. Of corse I'm being extremley sarcastic :fs1:
  8. I'm excited for the 2nd one to come out. I always wait untill a movie is on dvd then i just rent them. in minnesota its over 10 bucks a pop for a movie in theaters :fs1: so screw that... I thought the first one was really good. but as i talk to different people about it, it seems to be a love or hate thing for the 1st one. to each his own i guess
  9. 1st off good job on the emblems. looks good :thumbsup: 2nd its a hyundai :ack:
  10. Uhhhh huhhh... So you got any pictures of it when you brought it home?? Cause I know it didnt look like that... You got what about a grand or more in sheet metal and paint right? And is that the e-brake cable hanging off the back axle?? You might want to zip-tie that.. :smart: Fender was $45, paint was $60, bumper end cap was $25. Airbags were $150. D30 was free. did you find that just sitting at a jy? i never see anything like that just laying around up here
  11. purdy :popcorn: . ill take your rims if you don't want them :brows:
  12. :rotfl2: thats definatly one was to piss of a pizza boy
  13. thats a nice one. i hope hes happy with it. when tasha told me your dad got an xj i just assumed it was gunna be a fixer upper :D
  14. Why? I finance every vehicle (okay, not the MJ) that I can, because my credit union will do 3.9%. The drawback is that I have to carry full coverage, but the benefit is that I have more cash in the bank each month in the event that there is an unexpected bill. At the end of the month, I use leftover cash to pay off things with higher interest- credit cards, extra mortgage payment, etc. When I got laid off unexpectedly a few years ago, I was glad to only have to lay out $92/month on a car payment until I got back on my feet. The cash that I had saved (and left in savings) was what paid the mortgage while I was laid off. I am certainly not saying that it is a bad thing to pay cash for vehicles, but there are reasons to finance them as well. I'm sure there are benifits to financing, but at this stage in my life id rather just do cash. i didnt bother to ask what kind of coverage i needed on the impala i got and ended up paying(with insurance) about 600 a month on that stupid thing. :doh:
  15. I'm happy with the way it worked. Like i said I'm paying no interest and due to the fact i had to get financing i wasnt able to negotiate the price. The thing is a trooper so far :clapping:
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