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If I set up a private league on NFL.com would anybody be interested in joining. I think it's 12 people for a league. I would make it an automated draft instead of a live draft to make it simple. If your interested post below. The first 11 people will be in. Please don't join if you won't actually play/monitor your team week to week for the whole season.

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it's FAKE football. i don't get it...have fun with it (no offense..)


Brett Favre is becoming fake football. What a soap opera. :nuts:


BTW, count me in on the fantasy football participation. :cheers:


agreed...that's a name i wouldn't mind not hearing (and i used to be a fan)

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Thats 6. need 6 more.




I will send an invite to join the league(since it will bw a private league for board members)


You go to the site and register and then pick a team name.(I will be using my board name)


It will be an automatic draft instead of a live draft. With an auto draft the computer does the draft so you don't have to all get on line at the same time and draft.


Once you create a team name you click on rank players. When you get to this screen there are links at the top for QB's, WR's, RB's and all other positions needed. Click on one and it will bring you to a screen with a list of the players for that position. They are already arranged in an order the comp sees as best to worst. If you want to change the order you click on a player and drag him to the place you think he belongs on the list (EX. If your 1st choice for QB is peyton manning move him to position #1, if your second choice is tom brady put him in position #2 and so on).

After you arrange it you name the list at the bottom and click save.


After you arrange all the players you click on positions. And arrange positions by which round you want to draft that position in (EX If you want a QB in the 1st round put it in the first spot. If you want a RB in round 2 put rb in the second spot. Then name and save the list.


So if you are drafting 2nd and picked QB in the first round and the person that drafted #1 also picked QB for the first round the comp will select the best QB that is left from your list. EX if you and the person who drafted 1st both had peyton manning as your first choice the comp would give you the second QB on your list because the person who drafted before you already took peyton.


You actually get more players than you use every week. This is to cover bye weeks. (EX you have 2 QB's on your roster but only play 1 each week. This is why it is important to update your starting roster every week.


Tips: QB's and RB's usually get the most points. Kickers, Defense, and TE's usually get the least.


There are also explanations about how the game works on the site. I suggest you read them.


**The set up of the site is a little different than last year so I am still figuring things out to.


If anybody has any questions just PM me and I will be happy to answer. JIm

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C'mon people!! If you've done this before, you know it's a great time. If you haven't, it's a great time! :D


Seriously, Jim is setting this up as a very easy league, i.e. you don't have to go buy all the fantasy magazines and stuff for all your draft prep. Basically all you need to do is take 5 minutes every week and set your lineup. That's it! It will be fun to talk smack here on the forum about our matchups etc.


It's free, and if you lose interest or whatever, no big deal, since I'm gonna win it all anyway! :brows:


I think we still need 5 more by the 21st.

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