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  1. Not planning on keeping the old front-end and the original color is dark blue. Unfortunately, won't ever go with black or dark blue due to the difficulties with keeping it clean and the heat build up from the sun. Yeah, I like that color too. Definitely thought about that a bit.
  2. I’m in Fremont. The truck is pictured with 30” TJ Ravine wheels and 2” pucks up front. Will be sitting at around 6” lift with SOA when finished with 33” tires.
  3. Thanks. That's a bit too dark for me. Living in CA, I've learned that darker colors have a few drawbacks. Would like to stay on the somewhat lighter side if I could.
  4. I'm in a rough spot trying to figure out what color to paint my MJ. It's an 88 short bed in good shape with zero rust (southern CA farm truck). Unfortunately, I can't make up my mind on what to paint it. It currently has a faded/oxidized patina and "natural sandblasting" from sitting outside all it's life in a dusty place. I'm debating between the following colors: Bright Silver Metallic (like ~2001 XJ) Rescue Green (although my wife may kill me) Chili Pepper Red The truck will have full JCR bumpers and sliders, and likely either 17" black steel wheels or 17" Rubicon grey/dark grey take-off's. 6" SOA lift with 33's. Will also be doing the 97+ Header, Doors, and Fenders. I have two sets of flares, so I can figure out whether body color or black would be better. All bumpers/sliders/tool box/trim will be black.
  5. Nice truck! Great work on the resto. I don't know how accurate this statement is based on the pics in your build thread though... "Was a 99% rust free truck before restoration"
  6. The leak is likely in the cowl. There is an opening on the passenger side to allow fresh air in. Sometimes the sealant around that vent can fail which allows seepage during heave rains (as the cowl will fill with water and drain out the sides). I have a leaking problem in my '88--the passenger side floor gets super wet when it rains. I haven't tackled a fix yet, as I'm not 100% sure on what to do without taking out the dash and HVAC box, but I'm about 99% sure this is the problem. This thread describes it perfectly: https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/water-leaking-cowl-34969/
  7. Passenger side A pillar trim and switch panels. How much shipped to 92629?
  8. Man that thing is clean inside. I don't think mine will ever be that solid until I eventually do a 97+ swap in a few years...
  9. Pics. Still need to get it stretched out and in place better.
  10. Got the carpet unboxed and had a few comments--it is a good reproduction, but not perfect. The backside is covered in oil from the manufacturing process and there is way too much carpet around the edges that will need to be heavily trimmed. Additionally, the portion in the front the trans tunnel where it meets the firewall will need significant trimming. I'm also apprehensive on when I should cut the opening for the tcase shifter. I have a column shift transmission, so nothing else to cut. I'll also need to cut for the seat bolts and seatbelts. I also bought an extra "yard" of carpet to re-cover the rear cab panel and the color is not a great match (despite ordering the same color code).
  11. Just had my Stock Interiors carpet delivered today. Will be installing it later this week and will let you know.
  12. Thanks definitely more than I can justify spending on this. Will try to see if I can track one down in a junkyard down here in SoCal.
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