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  1. Sure looks like the dealer 86 2.5 kit to me. I had that version in my last xj and the same AC brackets along with the setup is sitting by my garage door. There are several belt configurations for 86 2.5 and can be tough tracking down info as well as pulleys. Some were v belt and others serpentine. Then there were different versions of each of those depending on dealer or factory installed AC and then they each could be had with or without power steering. Pay close attention to what you have.
  2. Why not just get a short intermediate cable for cruise so you have the working space for testing at home or is this for future potential junkyard pulls?
  3. $10 each. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal accepted.
  4. I found yet another. $45 shipped in the US 48 via PayPal.
  5. $10 each plus shipping. No cracks and all mounting points intact. I accept PayPal.
  6. $120 shipped in the US 48 via PayPal.
  7. Those side markers are harder to find than mj tail lights with damand that's growing through the roof. Chipped and cracked are starting to sell for 50-75 a piece for a driver. Like our tail lights, no aftermarket support ever for an alternative is correct. I remember tossing a few sets years back not realizing what they were at the time. Wish I had the tote of them now😁.
  8. The driver outer bed side sold local.
  9. Is that driver front tire at full stuff Pete? Do you have bump stops? I ask cause it looks like your arm is maxed out on the unit body.
  10. There is really a cable and spring. I'm sure I could round one up. The extra sliding mechanism could be simply cut and removed to be out of the way but it would be simpler to sell or trade yours and a waste to hack them up. Most guys prefer the bucket sliders over bench and swap to buckets. So yours are in demand. List them for sale or trade in the classifieds. You'll get responses, believe me. I can check but I'm sure I'm stacked with several bench sets of sliders. I can either remove the floor brackets to sell or combine 2 sets of bench to make a bucket set with minor work. I have soo many piles at this point of seat tracks, floor brackets, etc., I should be set for my next 9 lives.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Those pics are just more inspiration to keep unloading spare parts and rigs. I'll have the time and space to complete a build and start going again then.
  12. The answer is yes it's all tricky if it's rusty lol. If you don't live in the rust belt then your already 2 steps ahead. The driver side nut nearest the floor hump tends to be the worst. After that one, same on the other side. The center female ends unbolt and slide out just like you thought. Don't forget to unplug the wire next to the bolt first. The buckets fit the same. You can find 2 door tilt xj and swap in mj bucket track assemblies. Seat frames are the same for both 2dr tilt xj up to like 94ish iirc or 4dr stationary non motorized seats. Any questions I'd be glad to answer. Krustyballer here located under the vendor section, sells excellent beef Mj specific seat brackets that can bolt to most 4 Dr xj seat tracks since they are the same for our trucks as well.
  13. I'm most impressed with the effort and time guys put into the restoration process more so than the vehicles themselves. It's insane even just gathering the parts and paying others to do the work. Rock crawlers can trash all they want. I see each is own, respect all, and see both sides. Building anything however is just limited to pockets, skills, and imagination. You guys have to make it work 1 way and 1 way only. It'll be a much bigger task each 1 that gets restored. I'm curious to see actual time spent total in things like this. I hope guys start taking note especially as more time passes and more parts disappear. Amazing truck!
  14. Hey Pete, looky what I found. I can save you the effort. It's all yours next time we meet up. I just found a spare. Who knows maybe I'll find more. Yesterday 5 load sensing valves turned into 9 by this morning 😆.
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