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  1. I would try removing a leaf of the current setup. You said original leaf pack but which load leafs do you have? There is a wide range. 5 leaf pack vs. 4 make a difference on what to play with. Only hauling a max of 500 lbs opens up a bunch of trial and error with your current setup and not spending a dime. Talk with any spring maker. Mixing arches is always counterproductive for both ride and flex causing early wear on both. When building your own "bastard" pack, you want to try to always match arches and swap in weaker springs in your case. It will increase flex. I've often wondered how a lif
  2. I'm just curious if anyone here has built any. I have drawn a couple ideas up and created a material list. I have access to a bunch of 1" tube and 3/16" flat stock for free laying around and I'd like to put it to use. I have more concrete to pour yet. I'd like to keep the height under 6' and depth of rack base under 40". Please feel free to toss out ideas and feedback. I should add that I will be doing 2 racks, would like to get 4-5 per rack minimum, but also should be able to roll under one man operation across concrete. I've been getting around to cleaning and organizing more around here. I
  3. I just figured out this is for project "Chunk" isn't it? I haven't been on here keeping up with builds much this past summer. If it is it makes much more sense why go through the effort here and pretty cool either way. I'm sure there hasn't been barely a soul to do this.
  4. Also have you tried cross referencing Dakota parts of the same for the 2.5 ax15 2wd option 96-02 I believe?
  5. Lol I watched a video on Facebook about this in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I had awesome dreams afterwards.
  6. I've got a Dakota bellhousing I will not be using if it makes a difference. It's up for grabs.
  7. I just seen this and I'm glad your back on your feet, enjoying the outdoors, and spending it with family. Health, family and friends are all what's most important in life in the end.
  8. What is the Alcantara wrap steering wheel look like?
  9. You never told me you found a black one! I have never seen 1. Anyone know of anyone else with one? That's pretty cool and I imagine looks way better with factory sport bars.
  10. Really Pete 4 beds! Sure just rub in to everyone in the rust belt. I haven't even been that bad and I live there. It's probably cause I simply couldn't track that many down at once I am at 2 swb now and no clue why since I might not need either since I have the spare bedside for a damaged 1 on the truck( had 2 but sold the extra). I sold my good long box awhile back and regret it. How many lwb do you have and message me info on trade or price whatnot next time your heading up.
  11. I hope you get to meet some members along the way. There are several Hoosiers I'm sure that what give you a warm welcome and safe place to stay including myself. Be careful and have fun.
  12. Just put in the dispute with PayPal credit. I'm guessing it should be resolved fairly quick. In my experience, PayPal has only gotten better as long as I've used it. I'm impressed with live bodies to speak with over the phone. It's also sad how much better they are at banking vs. my personal bank. It's one thing I actually would like to see physical chain locations competing with some of these other banks. I never heard back last week from 4wparts, I tried this morning, could not get through, I'm over it. I think I'm going to just try running mj springs. I know their longer, I know their stif
  13. I don't go near heaps like that. Too much bad mojo for my blood.
  14. You are lucky. I am yet to see a jk hit a chain yard around here or small yard or at least up until last year. The lkq linked places get them along with the specialty part out yards. I'm sure there has been rare times but I've never been that fortunate enough to stumble on it yet. That stuff is high dollar, sells down to the last bolt usually, and more often sell whole for rebuilt titles whenever possible still for ridiculous money. I've seen the eBay sets you might be referring to as cheap. They also are China if you dig deeper without good or any seller reviews. There are some though that lo
  15. It cannot be corrected by control arms but you could with more expensive offset ball joints which is what I meant by further limitations, cost increase, and just as technical install. It also sounds like the possibility of a braking performance slightly less than a wj. All that definitely makes me stick to proven, efficient, cheaper, and more easily sourced wj knuckle over the jk. Fyi it appears the Autozone are no longer selling moog 3 yr warranty hubs or at least what's left at certain stocked stores. Duralast seems to be the push around here with same cost and only a 1 year warranty. I unde
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