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  1. Has anyone found an SEM equivalent to the 86-87 baby blue color? I'm not sure of what the oem color name for it was.
  2. I didn't know they made a 3 pane glass that wasn't part of a motorized rear window kit. Do they still make them or is it just the 4 piece? Also what kind of window trim gasket does that use?
  3. I'll have to look into Vermont and New Hampshire title transfers in Indiana. I think there is a list though that our state will not except depending on the type of title for that very reason. I'm sure there are many ways but I'm still contemplating dedicated trail rig, cut up/part out/make a trailer, or get it titled somehow and build the overland Mj I've been planning with one. All I see is lots of work regardless and I struggle to find time as it is. I think I should just quite working. It solves everything except paying for stuff.
  4. Check with Krustyballer16 on here in the vendors section. He made a small batch of rear Mj brackets identical to factory. If he doesn't have any left, doesn't plan on making more soon, I have a set of his left I'll sell for his advertised price.
  5. Smart move on the fabric. I wish I did that. The mulberries came back along my fence which took me 5 years to fight off. I think the birds like planting their business there just to torture the dog and me.
  6. So a friend sent a link for a free ad on marketplace for this about 2 hours free me. I some how lucked out and was the first to answer. The guy was extremely nice, I'm glad I went just to meet more good folk out there if not anything else. I initially tried to see if he needed any parts to at least give him something but nope. So I offered him a case of beer. Bud light was his choice but it slipped my mind about picking it up early Sunday here in Indiana. For those of you not familiar, Indiana just recently started selling alcohol on Sunday and it can be tough finding places to do so before no
  7. I love this. I have a few renix radiators in great shape. I'd love to this on an ho just to toy with guys who complain about the closed setup.
  8. Dewalt everything. I've been in construction my whole life. Even when I've had other main gigs, always did side jobs. I've owned lots of brands and really wasn't impressed with the older stuff of theirs buy I sure am now. I continue to slowly add more and more of their line. It keeps coming out faster than their site updates. I have used the 1/2" standard detent smallest max xr they make. The only beef is the detent is so good still, I'm careful not to line it up otherwise it takes a poker to switch sockets out. The only bolts it hasn't broke on an mj/xj is the front main eyes on an xj. It did
  9. I've finally had to replace mine after like 10 years but it's because I tried using my 1/2 dewalt 20 volt max xr impact on it in a raging lazy hury. It was really an experiment since one of the cheap bolts finally started to strip and another was bent bad. The first one lasted over 5 years. $15.99 I guess now without a coupon. Mine was replaced for free.
  10. So I'm doing some cleaning in my catch all room. I'm finally getting to finishing that area of my house thanks to my government stimulating me graciously this past year and I stumbled on some "stuff" under a dirty shop rag pile. So I'm pretty sure the harmonic balancer is from a 86 2.5 v belt setup which I looked high and low for in the past. I'm still missing at least 1 more of those. The throttle body and sensors I think are for a ho 93 to 96 ish manual setup. That I'm sure I can easily verify but the flywheel # is not popping up in any searches. I have se
  11. If it's factory straight piped, no doubt for sure it's an 86 or older, that I know. I still have a dozen or 2 senders yet. I've pulled over a hundred I think lol. You use to be able to order tank strap kits for lwb Mj at the zone for less than swb. I always ordered lwb kits for short and saved the extra strap since they are all identical. Short only has 2 is the difference.
  12. I have a set of nos lenses but nothing else. The lenses pop up on eBay from time to time.
  13. Also the 86 are different than 87-90. I've never seen a diesel hanger. I have no clue what they look like or if that's what the listing your looking at with more info given the time period and limited quantity produced.
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