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  1. saveevryjp1998

    Cooling issue. No more patience

    Thats the beers talkn. If you started with the whiskey the truck would have fixed itself already.
  2. saveevryjp1998

    Can someone help me ID this trim piece?

    Hold on to that sucker with white gloves. They are getting pretty tough to find.
  3. saveevryjp1998


    My opinion is keep a wide birth from the Optima batteries. Quality is gone since production moved. Not trying to offend anyone but quality and lifespan went out when the assembly line did. Last 2 both lasted just outside of 2 years. I think the warrenty on them use to be 5 or 7 years and is only 2 now unless its changed. I just know the last 2 made me think at least I get a better warrenty with autozone stuff and its cheaper. I also have some duralast gold batteries now that have lasted over 7 years and to this date I only have had 1 do better(think I was lucky) with a Walmart Everstart which went 10+ in my first full size truck(97 chevy z71). I have had decent luck with several everstarts actually which most have surpased the warrenty by years not a few months.
  4. saveevryjp1998

    Cooling issue. No more patience

    I know on my closed systems, I can tell immediately coolant flow with the thermostat open at operating temp with a quick pinch of the upper hose with my bare hand. You will feel how hot the coolant is through hose(gives you a check against true coolant temp if its flowing unrestricted vs. an air pocket temp which would throw things off. If its not flowing good you will not feel pressure in the upper hose with your bare hand. You should feel the surge as you release it. You should also hear slight changes in the engine idle when you perform this. A renix can easily give false temps through air pockets when locked and no coolant flow. Then there is a sudden spike and boil over at overflow cap. Yours is open cooling since its a 92. H.o.s still need some help with being burped or purged of air with a coolant system service. Have you rrally done that. My 2000 xj was as stubborn as my 88 renix. I think it may have to do with poor maintenance from p.o. and heavy scaling. In 5 years of ownership, I went through 2 autozone radiators, 3 water pumps, and had to flush that puppy every time that pump was changed. There was heavy scaling every time which I believe caused the water pump failures. My mjs ran all the same components cheaply made from autozone and never a problem. The xj had seen 40,000 more miles though in a shorter lifespan(rest in peace xj). I also think I had a bad head gasket toward the end when pump and radiator were replaced twice within a year and half. The radiator looked near brand new. Pulled the lower hose to bleed the system fast and it looked like red clay.
  5. saveevryjp1998

    Cooling issue. No more patience

    Have you pinched your upper radiator hose on a cold engine right after warm up with your bare hand to feel coolant flow, the temp of coolant, while at same time listening for a slight idle down?
  6. saveevryjp1998

    Fumes in Cab

    Try tightening down your valve cover first. They are almost always loose on an old cork renix gasket if its even any good still. A leak from the valve cover or filler cap even on a hill will pour almost every time right dead center of back of block onto the loop of exhaust pipe right under the rear main causing what your describing and what many assume to be a bad main seal. Go cheap and easy first like a good felpro rubber reusable gasket and new oil cap. While the valve cover is off, clean it and its orifices and replace those seals too. I bet that needs done anyway it sounds. I would also really inspect your injectors for gas leaks or fumes.
  7. saveevryjp1998

    Cooling issue. No more patience

    Have you done a compression test? Checked timing? It really sounds like an air locked coolant system. This is a 92 with an open? You still need to purge h.o.s of air its just much easier than a renix.
  8. I agree. The mirrors and front bumper and you just made pimp my xj. Thanks for the pics and info on the clip. This may change my mind on front clip conversion.
  9. saveevryjp1998

    1983 CJ-7 5.3 Vortec swap

    That looked like fun. Did you regret it or was it in your head how to try it again with different results before you were back up on all fours?
  10. Yeah pretty. There is a lot of chrome on her, that had to be a little tuff to track down. I want a pic of that front header posted. I keep turning my head to try to see it in the first 2 pics. I wish there were more chrome options than what was offered for late model xjs. In my opinion, the best looking mjs and xjs had some chrome.
  11. saveevryjp1998

    XJ ECU ?

    If you can't make it work, I have 1 for a 96 auto and Sunday I may be able to get a 96 xj 5sp ecu if its still there. I do not know what they charge for 1 at the yard. Once again its Paul's in Lake Station, IN.
  12. saveevryjp1998

    Need some Jack Stand recommendations

    Those pics are exactly what I would try to avoid. I know many do this every day and I use to as well until I saw one fail just seconds after crawling out from underneath turning to walk to the garage to grab a tool. I now put solid blocks underneath as well for security. I inspect mine every time I use them. The permanent stands are pretty cool. Eventually I will invest in a set once the blocks get used on a side job.
  13. saveevryjp1998

    NFL kneeling

    I still say if she didn't want that apple I could have been frolicking naked, careless, and clueless like all the other animals in the garden.
  14. saveevryjp1998

    NFL kneeling

    Just because you sign a piece a paper thats says 1 thing it doesn't mean its necessarily legal or correct. If you sign a piece a paper that tells you you are a female and to act like 1 when your a male is it all of a sudden reality. I believe. Foue this are argument is a joke. Most people keep responding with its a direct slap in the face to veterans. I know of several veterans that like myself have no clue how. I am willing to listen, be open minded, ane walk in another man's shoes but please explain how and why with a legit adult argument. George Washington and everyone of the founding fathers were all separists that spoke out against their country to come here to build this one. They gave their lives and fought on the basis of the foundations of these freedoms. Every step, change, human kind has come from the individual who has the courage to think or act outside what the asses of the masses do because it is labeled "normal". Everyone on this forum is doing something outside the norm of society such as buying 30 year old technology. Should we be persecuted as well since we don't follow the "norm". I believe if people in this world could spend as 1/10 as much time perfecting themselves instead of judging or changing others. There would be less arguing and war. There is never a winner in either since the losers generation is right behind to pick up the sword for the battle to start another day. Itsa cycle that will forever repeat itself since that biaatch had to go and eat that apple.
  15. saveevryjp1998

    sweet tool box

    Who's is that? It does look like it would be a pain to move.