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  1. saveevryjp1998

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana)

    Last H.O. fuel sender sold.
  2. saveevryjp1998

    Tail light

  3. saveevryjp1998

    Headliner Group Buy

    I'm guessing he never leaves the group buy up long because if everyone that needed a headliner had a chance to see it, he would be doing mj headliners only for a good while bored out of his mind.
  4. saveevryjp1998

    Transmission swap

    I second what he said since the last 3 ax 15's I've pulled from junkyards myself were done that way. I figured out that trick when It was January in northern Indiana, a foot of snow and ice. The truck was sitting frozen on ground without wheels. The sawz all made record time of it and I've done it that way ever since.
  5. saveevryjp1998

    Anyone ever Fly and Drive?

    All this talk has got me looking again. I have to stop getting on here, I definitely need to go to some kind of mj addiction center.
  6. I seen on the local news that Harrison College maybe is starting to auction off items. I don't know if that's it for sure, but one of the institutions that ripped people off of their education and finances is starting the online silent bidding on its goods to resolves debt. You may find great deals there.
  7. saveevryjp1998

    Anyone ever Fly and Drive?

    Your best bet is the desert high plains jeeps far from the salt belt roads and salt water ocean. You spend time and gas either way unless you get lucky bottom line or are extremely patient. By the way Frontier has direct flights from Indianapolis to Denver pretty cheap if you hunt. I should say they did at least just before the legalization of weed. A round trip cost me only like 67 bucks once when I caught the cheap flight both ways.
  8. saveevryjp1998

    T & M Metal Fabrication

    Don't waste your money! Krustyballer has my swb, lwb, and front unit rail stiffener from t-mfab. He is taking his time and fixing all the problems. Long story short, t-mscrap metal should be the site name. Krustyballer will be providing another great product long overdue for the mj stepping up his game yet again.
  9. saveevryjp1998

    Group Buy on Headliners

    I would give your add a little more time. I just seen it and I have been on at least a half a dozen times since Saturday. People sometimes don't get on everyday and look. Trust me people want headliners. I could have sold 50 in the past year of old backerboards that need redone. The shipping is what kills it for around $185 in its factory form. You have a major advantage in your new design from what I understand. I may try 1 even though I have close to a dozen here. People have had hard time finding info on you in the past as well. I refer them your way all the time even though I have never tried your product. The other members have spoken highly of you and that's good enough for me. An explanation and pics of what you offer updated current info with pics too.
  10. saveevryjp1998

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    If what your saying is true, there is no way I would buy another one. That's tough news and a hard pill to swallow. I would hold out for the new Jeep truck and give it a whirl.
  11. saveevryjp1998

    3D printing for the wag xj?

    Can you post pics of the other side of that clip in the pic? I may have found a couple. I will also look for something similar that may work as well.
  12. saveevryjp1998

    97-2001 cherokee rear flare retainers

    It looks like you can still buy them new yet.
  13. saveevryjp1998

    Axle ubolts

    I'm for dropping the coin for new local as well. My spring shop makes excellent U-bolts in any length or size I want. Indianapolis Spring and Axle is the name and I believe they are affiliated with Dayton truck accessories. I have custom stainless steel brake lines made there as well that makes routing brand new passenger cowl lines for mj/xj a 2 minute job and the rear for an mj as well. The front custom line was only like $20 bucks with a foot of stainless hard line on both sides and flex in the middle. Best thing I ever done. The right counter guy there is a jeeper and if you get him the price is ridiculous cheap. He use to work the custom hose side of things there. There was a newer guy on the other side wanting an mj that has hooked me up with center pins and other parts as well a while back when I was trying to build a custom mj leaf pack early last spring.
  14. saveevryjp1998

    Bench seat reupholstery

    The donation is to Comanche Club not me. I just pulled another bench a week ago out of another truck. Its springs are more worn than the last I'm guessing. The other one is gone but the springs on the one just pulled are yours for whatever the shipping costs. Just pm me the details.
  15. saveevryjp1998

    Replace BA10-5 with AX-15

    I wish I could help you. I was in the boat you are in now with my second xj and always regretted not doing it, I had the components for swap and didn't. I sold it for scrap and its the only jeep I regretted doing so. Mine lasted only days with very short commutes though when it got as bad as you are describing. I think eventually it locked into 4rth for start up. I was able to get it started and rolling without the clutch and slam down into 3rd to dog it up to speed and essentially only had those 2 gears to drive it 10 miles to the scrap yard with my bike in back. Sooner is ASAP I would say. Best of luck.