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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the same flex hose I used as a fuel filler neck hose on my first mj. I think it lasted like 5 or 7 years running gas through it 😆 so it should last forever probably for its intended purpose. I was quite happy with it.
  2. Have either of you priced a leather shop yet? Many can rewrap what you have. I'm sure the cost would be similar. The black renix horn button has to be about as hard to find. I have about a half dozen of those newer style ho black horn buttons. None are nos but several in excellent shape. I have the newer black unwrapped wheels as well. Pm me if either of you are interested.
  3. Progress is progress. The knowledge gained is what's most meaningful. I like it. I wish I had 1 that far along.
  4. I've had a dream to stretch the roof and floor in Lwb mj using xj 2drs. No extended cab beyond that. Just stretched leg room along with room for internal cage. I'm a corn fed midwesterner and the extra room would be nice especially as I age, get stiff, and now seem to keep the belly year round
  5. I spotted her on Kesseler Blvd and Keystone Ave in Indianapolis, IN. I was driving my black swb 92. She had an aluminum topper swb. It had a black FEY rear bumper and the top was black. She was hauling and it was hard to keep up. I finally caught her at a light around Binford Blvd and Kessler. We made brief eye contact as I finally caught her attention with my arm out the window pointing downward at the Comanche badge. I am happily married but I think I may have fallen in love. If you know who it is or if this is you please share in a pm.
  6. Parts all showed up today. Better than described. Thanks a bunch and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again. Especially for great hard to find nos parts.
  7. Try cleaning the ground behind the driver tail light. Its for the fuel pump. See if that helps. How old is the gas? Someone mentioned checking fuel pressure. Have you? I'd first decipher pump grounding and pressure at fuel rail.
  8. My last 86 xj I parted was an auto 2.5 86. Ran well and I have the drivetrain on a skid with no clue yet what to do with it. I think it had around 100,000. This truck is very tempting. I'd be scared to drive it though since I've only ever had anything other than clapped out rust buckets for work vehicles for the most part or trail pigs. It's not practical for me. Anyone looking for a garage queen I think it's one heck of an opportunity with hardly any effort other than letting go of the money.
  9. If anyone else is still needing an aluminum 2.5 valve cover I believe I have 2 spares to sell or trade and perhaps know of a couple more or refer you to the yard. I'm not sure if they ship though.
  10. That stinks. Thanks for serving the jeep community and sorry to see you leave. Just know I'll order from you here eventually before you close shop. I plan on getting a pile of throttle bodies ready to send when I do.
  11. I believe Rusty's Off-road makes a bolt in housing, sells the lenses and converter for led. I've heard they aren't the cleanest looking so I can't say how well they fit up from experience.
  12. You could always put up a post in the wanted under classifieds. I have some of those parts I believe as well in that color. Maybe all depending on the condition your after.
  13. that's funny, but your right. The topic should be where is the water coming from that's corroding my resistor. It sounds like a headache brewing.
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