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  1. I have to add that I've never seen a junkyard chrome of any type or owned one. I'm guessing all the ones I've stumbled upon already gone were nice chrome.
  2. I did that to all my xjs and just emptied out plenty of bottles on each and every tool that wanted to get their bumper that close. The only thing better I ever did than that was run a hidden pull rope to my track flap for roost on my snowmobile.
  3. 😆 I would agree entirely. I'm waiting to see how many more recalls are going to come out on these new trucks.
  4. From what I've seen Pete the plastic is found on Renix and H.O. doesn't have it. All my h.o. did not and I've never seen one in a yard with it either.
  5. Any news back on H.O.? Is there a way you can get some close ups of the potentimeter? I'm wondering if a proper length float arm could be better made. To me the new potentimeter style on there looks similar to an h.o. possibly which would make it extremely easy to modify compared to a factory renix type.
  6. It will need to rust first in the rockers, pans, and cab corners to match the rest of my heeps.
  7. Do you think the wife's gonna like am as much as me?
  8. I love how I can to 3 different post offices within a 5 mile radius of my house and get 3 completely different prices on the exact same box most of the time. Days of the week matter as well. They have you by the short hairs. It's a pia and I think it's hilarious how guys expect you to drive around wasting time and gas to save them a buck while their rude about it in a text. Been there and tired of it.
  9. Anxiously awaiting mine. Apparently my mail man got lazy. I didn't see this pic in the original post. Now I'm even more excited. Again, nice work! I didn't see the the all caps 86 type in colors too.
  10. If they actually need 1 I'll volunteer 1. This is amazing great work!
  11. Dennis I'm still kicking myself in the butt for buying a 1500 Chevy extended cab 4x4 z71 instead of this. 1 of the biggest regrets of my life!
  12. I hit the link. 1 of the first thing it mentions is a fuseable link blown. I'm not sure if they all had the fuse intially in early models or if it had to be upgraded to a better configuration with that service bulletin I had mentioned stumbling upon.
  13. I'm leaning towards 3 things. It's getting triggered off due to lack of vacuum, bad brake switch(killing the set position) or the stalk itself might be causing it. I'm pretty sure there was an issue with the brake switch and had a service bulletin on it. It might be in Cruisers tips. I know I have seen plenty from 84 up that had some extra wires off the switch wired directly to the fuse panel. Some had built it fuses in between. I know this was problematic on xjs but I never had cruise so I never bothered to read further into it.
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