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  1. Works good enough for me. Let me know what your wanting to trade or sell. I appreciate it thanks. Sorry for the slow response but work is keeping me extremely busy.
  2. I'm sure they could be purchased new easily enough. You may try Novak-adapt.com or advance adapters. There is probably many sources. I've never had to buy 1. I've always had 1 from another part rig nearby.
  3. That part is a short intermediate cable speed sensor for part of a cruise control setup. It plugs in between your speedometer cable and speedometer for the cruise system. It's not necessary if you do not want or have cruise. It can be used or removed. It's easier to have it though and make install/removal easier since it has the extra then for more access and puts less strain on the cable.
  4. Does anybody know if these are the appropriate window visor clips? If so do you know of a source for the clips or has anyone just bent and made some? If so, how long or well has it worked? Thanks.
  5. I have 1 but shipping will be the tough part.
  6. It appears 2 have some damage on backside. I'm not after perfect nor expecting perfect. I'd just like to make a pair and help someone else possibly do the same.
  7. This is what I have. The 3 on left are driver and 1 in top corner is my lone passenger.
  8. Sure. I'll get some by tonight. I know it's not perfect by any means but I'm looking more for matching mine to similar so I'd be willing to part with a nicer to get one of lower quality if it matches.
  9. There are 2 different sellers on eBay selling 1 under 15 bucks shipped and the other under 20 shipped. For a seller that's a lot of hassle for no return after that gets shipped. It's going to cost about anybody 5 to 10 bucks to ship you one
  10. I have a spare driver side on the early style for swap, willing to trade a spare passenger side in standard red, possibly other parts instead, or simply puchase. Thanks.
  11. It really gets confusing when you mix xj stuff in. There is even more shades of the tan I believe. My 91 xj limited tan interior looks a shade off from any mj tan I've seen. It's almost like a mix of sand and tan. The 84 xj dark blue is cool too since its really not a navy. I found a super strange 84 2 Dr xj once on my travels with a lighter blue and dark blue mix that I've never seen anything like it yet. It had leather seats that matched as well that the stitching was more simple in design than 86 style buckets. I knew they were not custom since I've seen other 84s with the same odd stitching just not in that color.
  12. I would have to say that tan, sand, and honey are all different shades not due to sun fading. Easy way to compare is the flipping the backside of pieces that have not been exposed to any sun. You'll see the offset shade quickly especially say if it's from sand to honey which are the furthest apart shade wise.
  13. I'm not sure what the factory names are. I am missing some. 1 in particular is a really light tan color that is almost a cream or off white.
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