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  1. Listed as a "JEEP CHEROKEE" under model name. "TK" listed as body type again on an Indiana title.
  2. Title says unknown name and lists TK at least for body type. That doesn't say much though since I have xjs with the same listings. It almost looks like an mj or xj would be listed either way in Indiana depending on how it was entered. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to any of the titles I have. Even on xjs where I no doubt was 2nd owner of some which includes late model.
  3. This one is listed as as JP under body type on my title. So yet another ?
  4. I have several I'm curious on title work. I've noticed there seems to be no pattern under model name or body type for these here in Indiana. I'm not sure if it's poor clergy work at the BMV or just how it was initially done back then.
  5. @Pete M I think the proper year bumpers actually had a through hole pass through with a plastic bushing for that to pass. I could easily be wrong but for some reason I think I've seen them. If so it would definitely be on the earlier style bumper with the license plate light trim.
  6. The best way to ship these is dwv plumbing. It'll get there the safest and worth the little extra to ship.
  7. Safe travels Pete and I hope you find good stuff and meet good people along the trip.
  8. My phone will be on standby
  9. I'd like 2 short of the metal type depending on price.
  10. Power or manual door cards? I just found some nice power Laredo 4 Dr cards that would work that I could get possibly by the end of the week.
  11. I drive a beater with rusty gate and bad tails for this very reason.
  12. My daily has been down same reasons. I scrapped 2 good sets of spindle knuckles a month ago figuring I was stacked between 4 2wd beams between all my heeps here and storage 3 hours away but no bueno and I'm going to end up running a so so passenger side. I think after looking at several and finally knowing what a perfect one looks like, most if not all will have prematurely seals go and bearings right of the bat at torque procedure. These must be perfect tolerance is my guess at base of spindle to not have failure. There should be a perfectly smooth surface from base to spindle. Nearly every one I pulled of my 8 total other than this had some kind of grooving taking place. I was so lucky. I must have had a bearing go bad or something. My brakes seemed week commuting home on Thursday night. By Friday morning commute I felt a shimmy dropping my wife off. It still wasn't bad. I actually ordered parts to redo the hubs and brakes thinking I should since it had been over 20 thousand miles. I pulled the driver tire to see my top rotor mounting bolt double sheered, my inside rim grooved, and rotor/bracket half gone. I'm lucky they were factory steel wheels I'm guessing and not aluminum. The cast seemed to wear since its softer metal which probably saved my butt and I caught it basically within 50 miles of it happening on local 45 mph roads. That's what the passenger side looked like above. That very minor wear was the driver. You wouldn't know that either is no good except for maybe the passenger one unless you had a perfect to compare like the top. I literally drove to my storage 3 hours away and back in a rental car to pull and check my other passenger ones since my donor here was no good on that side. So I have 1 bad for sure and 3 started to groove or more grooved than the one in the pic. I'm forced to run it but I know I'm going to have to plan on replacement of that hub like clockwork and often. Obviously it's not a drastic feeling or noise it gives as it starts to go. By the way after 24,000 miles my pads were still 2/3 there. And rotors were looking good like 85-90% so DO NOT assume like I did. I was very lucky.
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