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  1. Will you post them on the club? Krustyballer was looking for these as well. I checked mine and they didn't have any for front or rear.
  2. I have a whole 92 setup 2.5 motor and harness. It ran great until the jeep decided to rust in half. Mileage is around 110-120,000 if I remember.
  3. Me too. Love them, ordered another set within a month of owning just in case something ever happened. They were a tight fit in one of the header panels though. Late model xj vs box style I can't remember which.
  4. Atlas or Novak adaptors had a chart for this at 1 time for several models. I use to have 1 and probably still do just no clue where. It did cross reference swappable candidates but you would at least be able to tell a likely candidate and which options it needed to have for the Speedo. Typically looking for the same year range transfer case is how I have found them in the past. Something else I forget to grab is renix speedo gears.
  5. I see both arguments on this. In easy words: Southern states primary concern majority of year is heat. Northern states yes and no. Balance is key. If you ran the cooler style setup year round where temperatures are commonly near 0 and below its not good. You don't want your e-fan running nonstop. It's just as harmful to run too cool. The factory setup was most likely done this way for a reason on a simple law of averages much like how a carberator was jetted for certain regions based on altitude maps.
  6. Is there the plastic seal on the door shell and door card? Is the rubber seal for electronics on between the door and unit body on a-pillar between the hinges? Are the vents good on b-pillar behind the outer trim vent?
  7. It's definitely for the center console. The twist bulb is for the transfer case indicator and the other bulb is for the shift trim ring on an automatic transmission.
  8. What a waste of nice factory rear mj bumper.
  9. This is an old thread. I believe Rock Auto sells the proper Renix NTK assuming your looking for an 88 4.0 it's
  10. Friday afternoon at work ripping out a kitchen waiting on cabinets to be delivered.
  11. The rear grills were trick, the wheel rehab, well everything. I scrolled through this fast I couldn't wait the pics were getting better and better. I'll go back through when I have some time to go slow. NICE!
  12. I wish I had 1 this far along but I'm getting closer to the start. Nice job!
  13. I believe you will be bringing back some old trends with all the amazing throwbacks your installing on that beautiful truck. I have been waiting to hear/see how it installs since these were recently mentioned around the beginning of the year. I'm ordering 1 after I get off the forum.
  14. Looks amazing. Where did you get that done and how was it done? Its hard to tell from pictures but kinda looks like it was wrapped in some material.
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