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  1. I'm still looking for you and haven't given up
  2. So found these on Amazon. Advance sells them too. They appear to be more but for guys like Eagle that don't want poly, but don't want to dish out "factory", these might be more up your alley. I'd consider how long that little bushing lasts though. It's why I saved more and went poly
  3. So I did a Google search and behold cc popped up. I found this old thread: With this pic quickly after scrolling: It's the same brand I got a while back and looked identical. I can see difference maybe on the leaf side from manufacturers but the shackle mount would not change and that's what needs trimmed. Furthermore it appears to be the cheap go to for many members. Mine have held up well and I was hesitant on going poly but with only that 1 bushing, I can't tell the difference.
  4. Well his sig does say mt leaves. No clue if they are aftermarket or factory. Mine were Hell Creek metric ton packs. I found out through them, after they arrived, about how they use a different main eye bushing(what's in xjs) and not the original oem mj bushing. I know they are a different diameter but I never bothered to check width or ask since I didn't "visually" noticed that difference but only the offset centering pin and bushings. By now surely most people have put new aftermarket leaf packs or bushings in after 25 plus years especially since nos one isn't an option for most folk.
  5. Must be the same ones I got. Now you mentioned the washers and irc hunting some in the garage last time for the bottom since the spring binded it seemed if I bent them. I didn't recall having to do that on the first set though. The dude was here on the last set I installed. He was here helping motivate getting the project rolling again by some friendly trash talking words of encouragement. I gladly accepted the challenge and enlisted his help to install the springs and shackles. I must say it was a lot faster and easier with 2 people. I found the box but no shackles? So I don't know if I had only 2 sets or but it was empty in another mj. Either way this is the brand and what the box looked like probably 5 years ago I'm guessing lol.
  6. I have a third set from there Pete still in the box. I might get a measurement and post pics but it was super easy to fix. If irc the sleeve sticks past the poly bushings each side like 3/16" on the brand I bought from auto zone. All 3 sets were the same brand.
  7. Any news on the metric ton badges or any other new badges to offer yet?
  8. If you don't find any I've got a few sets I can part with.
  9. Top back hose on valve cover goes to front large pipe you have circled in your pic near the front of the engine bay on manifold. The side brass fitting goes to the back on opposite side.
  10. Best I could do in the dark. Fyi all my fittings for it and coolant system I think I used old brass and copper pex fittings I had in a recyclable pile since all the local box stores were out of 90s etc only had that plastic garbage that always eventually breaks at the worst time in the worst places.
  11. My Hell Creek metric ton packs came with caty wampus bushings. I think it was from the Ups delivery guy. The bushings seemed to move easily. My next go will be with military wrapped General Springs since I wasn't at all impressed with the small xj main eye bushings Hell Creek uses instead of the larger factory oem mj type and the retarded offset centering pin putting the axle offset the wheel well. It's retarded and obnoxious. The logic behind that is bull. I'm not sure if the General Spring uses the oem style bushing either but from what I've seen they at least center up right.
  12. Both sets I've gotton from the zone I had to run a cut off wheel on the bushing sleeve since they were like an 1/8 or 1/4 to long but bolt in otherwise.
  13. Your absolutely correct Pete. There are 2 different sizes. From what I've seen though Renix is the longer style and H.O. is the shorter type with only j hooks that do not have a backer plate.
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