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  1. thanks! super excited about it! Don't remember off the top of my head but I'll check and get back with you.
  2. first thought how in the hell? then I saw diesel... that's cheating lol
  3. Ha. It's not that I couldn't.... it's just that sometimes 2wd is more fun... but actually my current 05 WK has the QTII system and sure the traction is nice but I do enjoy being in 2wd a good bit...
  4. Yeah those points are fair but in my experience previously with the 242, I'm highly unlikely to just ride around in 4wd high/AWD. Either way, whichever I find the best deal and quality t-case is likely the one I'll end up going with.. would just prefer the 242. Thanks for the input!
  5. Perfect. Great info... this is exactly the type of thing I was looking for. Thanks.
  6. Same! Loved it in my WJ. Ha! I had a buddy in college who kept arguing that I couldn't flip it in 4 high whenever and leave it there however long I wanted.... Silly Dakota owner lol
  7. Oh yeah! Love the HO and really the 4.0s in general. Yeah that's really the reason I'm leaning towards the 242. It'll be most a snow/ some trail truck but mainly a DD. I won't end up doing any if much crawling. Oh man, those 5.9 fly! Shoot I completely looked over that thread. Time to go read! Thanks!
  8. Hey ya'll, long time lurker and Comanche lover, may be getting close to pulling the trigger on a 91 4.0 2wd manual (I assume AX-15) but ultimately want to convert it to 4x4. I previously had a 00 WJ with the NP242 Selectrac TC and loved it. What am I looking at to convert this 91 over to not only 4x4 but specifically a 242? I ask because I've read conflicting info online. The general idea is to find a 23 spline 242 and go from there, right or wrong? Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated not only on this but general what to look for potentials problems in any Comanche but especi
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