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  1. Thanks for the list man! Just a heads up on the Turbines listed in Pittsburgh, if they're the set I saw at the swap meet in that area (most likely, guy said he was local and the location in the ad matches) they're not $250 rims. They have junk tires and need refinished.
  2. Loved getting a pic of the two vanity plates next to each other.
  3. Made it back to Pittsburgh and rolled 224k out on the turnpike. Thanks all for a good weekend even though the sun was trying to kill us. Managed to hit 20.75 mpg total for the trip. My truck loved the highway driving I'll post the few pics I took.
  4. Pumped for tomorrow. I'll be heading out of Pittsburgh at about 2 AM hopefully. I've got a good side-dish and an even better dessert planned for dinner. Also gonna be bringing my body-sized cooler with some tasty beverages. Can't wait to hang out.
  5. Yeah. My truck isn't pretty, but it's gonna be there, and that's what's important. Also, I imagine I'll have access to a stove/oven for the cookout? I have some tasty goodies planned out.
  6. Awesome, thanks. I'll try and think of something special to bring/make for the cookout. Anyone need any parts? I have a set of 94 down tan 2 door buckets, a MJ D44, SWB fiberglass cap, and some Navy interior stuff all still ready to roll since Bantam.
  7. Hey Nick and all, Dom here. Sorry to be so late to the party but life and drama had me unable to commit to attending til just this week. Mom's surgery went well so I'm good to attend now. Is there still any space for a tent Saturday night? Excited to bring my truck out and see all y'all. -Dom
  8. I lived there for a year in the East Bay Area, Vacaville specifically. Kinda miss it, but the cost and the heat were rough.
  9. Anyone have a SWB factory roll bar for sale within a few hours of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (15226)? Or one cheap enough to have shipped I suppose. I grabbed a cheapo S10 one for now, just for looks, but if I am going to drill my bed I want it to be legit.
  10. I may not have found my MJ via his hard work (not directly anyway), but I always love scrolling through the G/B/U thread. I'm new here yet, but greatly appreciate the hard work.
  11. I too hate my Eliminator wheels. I'm too much of a packrat to get rid of them though, I always seem to need a spare rim and tire at the worst times.
  12. Sounds like a great trip. Pretty envious. Maybe some day mine will be solid enough to visit my buddy and his LWB in Northern Cali
  13. Holy hell, Glad you're in one piece.
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