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  1. tjbuggie

    SWB Full Armor $600 + Shipping Atlanta, Georgia

    PM me what it would take to make it worth it for you, I would need them shipped to Texas
  2. tjbuggie

    SWB Full Armor $600 + Shipping Atlanta, Georgia

    Would you sell just the fronts??
  3. Wow so much cool stuff going on here, keep up the good work
  4. tjbuggie

    Wife's MJ

    Willy any updates on this?
  5. Hey guys I am looking at doing a swap from an ax15 to an aw4, and have a few questions. My main question is the wiring, I have a 1988 that the trans is going in and a 1988 that the aw4 is coming out of, so do I need to take the entire harness out of the donor and put it in the truck I am building? Other than the major components...trans, pedal assembly, shifter, TCU, what else do I need to pull out of the donor? Thanks for any help you can offer
  6. tjbuggie

    Upgraded Battery Cables!

    Dang and I just ordered mine second set last week......
  7. tjbuggie

    Spare Tire Hoist

    Mine is a short bed....
  8. tjbuggie

    Spare Tire Hoist

    I have one on my truck, that I can pull and sell you if you still need one
  9. tjbuggie

    Coilover for DD use

    Look at artec industries, they make a truss now to put the superduty axles in tj/xj that would make it where you could keep the coils, and not have to go to coil-overs
  10. tjbuggie

    1988 eliminator wheels

    Hey guys I picked up a 1988 Eliminator this weekend for my daughter for her first truck, and she loves it, but is not really liking the wheels, so my question is what are they worth?? Not sure if I should try to sell them or just hold on to them for now????
  11. tjbuggie

    Wife's MJ

    I went back and looked and see what you are talking about, one more question, did you put anything under the bed to re-enforce the foot plates on the cage, or is it just bolted to the bed floor??
  12. tjbuggie

    Wife's MJ

    Hey Willy do you have any pics of the front cage brackets installed behind the fenders??? I am wanting to build a cage like yours and would like to see how you tied it in...
  13. tjbuggie

    1990 Comanche Short Box For Sale (Rust Free) - Mi

    This post was started in 2014.....I have a clean bed in Texas for sale
  14. tjbuggie

    WTB: TX: Rear bumper end caps

    Looked last night and the ones I have are blasted......sorry I am no help.