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Where to get a Roll Bar?

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Most any rollbar out of a small pickup should work just fine. The aftermarket bars are made to bolt into multiple rigs.


Factory MJ bars do not interchange between longbed and shortbed though, due to the rear bars bolting to the angled front of the wheelwells. Aftermarket bars usually bolt to the top of the wheelwell, or to the floor of the bed.


Please don't think that any factory or aftermarket show bar will actually save you life in the event of a rollover.

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Everybody wants them, not a lot of people have them. Good luck!


Be aware that the short bed and long bed roll bars are different. Also, if your Jeep came with one from the factory, it has extra supports under the bed floor tying to roll bar into the frame. For a functional roll bar that is a must. If you just want it for looks or to mount light, well, I've even see ones made out of PVC pipe!

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Just for general jollies,mine came with one,it's gone,I looked for

a long time.Found one and one only.A salvage yard in Cal. that

specializes in jeep parts.They wanted $150,but since I'm in So

Fla,I figured the freight would be prohibitive,I probably still have

their name and stuff somewhere if you want it.

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Mine is also from a Ford Ranger. But its a SPLASH version, much narrower than a reg Lil truck bed.



So I cut and added tubing to make it the width I wanted.



Then I cut and adjusted the back bars to sit where I wanted as well.




I think it came out pretty well.



If I where to do it again, I would look for a Dakota bar, maybe even buy it new for a Dakota.



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