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Street Comanche body kit coming soon (3d printed)

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Wow, I knew this idea had been kicked around but it's actually looking like it will happen.  This is awesome!


I'm really curious about the 3D printed aspect of this, it would take a massive machine to print these parts.  I'm guessing some kind of custom machine..  price seems pretty fair for something of this scale.  Definitely will need to be prepared for plenty of finish work on a raw printed kit so it's good he has it noted a professional is recommended.


Will be interested in an airdam myself since I let #7's airdam go with #96 I am now without any kit parts on the street truck.

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First of all I would like to say on behalf of OFF GRID RESEARCH. Thank you for the community support and welcome to Comanche club. This has been an arduous endeavor. 

We first thought about offering 3d Printed Body parts, And we still can upon special request, but decided against it regarding QC issues, build time and post processing needed by customer. Final production kits are made from ABS. Not 3d printed. We can't wait for you to get them in your hands.

Preorders are open now and all funds go right back into kit mass production. Expect Spring time /Early summer for first Deliveries. 


Kit includes Front bumper and all sideskirts. No rear bumper as its almost a stock rear bumper.

The bodykit is an all New Cad Designed Creation based off of the Original Archer kits and with the Blessing of the Archers themselves. Its reaches lower to the ground than the original , has a more aggresive lip, and different ports. It will also be optional with Brake cooling ducts, and chassis mount splitter for the serious race enthusiasts.  We also offer the front bumper alone. 

Installment options are available for the kits as well to help break up the purchase. 


Expect more content and products to start rolling in soon. We do not have a large team,(2 guys) we do not have many resources like big companies,(Zero backing startup) So please be patient, this has been a passion project and has required a serious amount of time, effort, logistics and expense. 


In the mean time we just launched our Off Grid Research Mega Glow Front End Light kits. Which include 6 inch cob LED bars in all of your front marker lights, custom color housings. So please check those out as all funds from those go into kit mass production as well. They are actually pretty damn badass. 

OGRSHOP.COM Thanks everyone. 


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