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April 2022-The Grabber Blue Eliminator

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April 2022- @keeponjeepinon’s Eliminator

Build Thread-


Year/Model - 

1990 Jeep Comanche Eliminator



Renix 4.0, AW4, 4x4, just finished a swap to a 92 XJ D30 with 97+ shafts and a 01 Explorer 8.8 with 4.56 gears and a Truetrac in the rear, Yukon C-Clip eliminator axles, makes it 1" wider than the d35. Trans temp gauge added to the unused port on the transmission.



CSF 3 row radiator, open conversion, 2.5L reservoir added which required relocation of the fan relay, fuel pump resistor, and EGR solenoid. The CSF didn't have a bung for the temp switch, I'm using the REM to activate the fan now.



Stock, done cruiser54's checklist, REM added



Metalcloak 4.5" coils and arms, Clayton track bar/frame mount, 97+ XJ drag link, V8 ZJ tie rod, General Spring Military Wrapped leaves, Clayton shackles, and Bilstein 5125 shocks



Stock, mk5 VW Golf dome lights, 3d printed REM mount, 3d printed clock panel replacement with trans temp, USB charger, and a Ram mount.



Powerstop drilled/slotted discs w/ red calipers front and rear, LHSV deleted replaced by a Willwood proportioning valve, WJ master and booster.



JW Speaker LED headlights with heaters, ironically I quit driving it in the winter 1 season after I bought them, and now I'll be moving to San Diego in a few months. Hella 550 yellow fogs, interior lights replaced with LED except for dash lights.



I replaced all the rusty metal, a pro paint job was too expensive so I rolled Grrrabber Blue Monstaliner on it myself. It seems more similar to Chief Blue than Ford Grabber in person though, the GB paint pen I bought was slightly darker. The lower stripe is Gray Matter. Westin rear bumper


Wheel & Tires- 

American Racing AR172 15x8 +20mm offset, equal to 5.25" backspace. Tire Rack is the only place I've seen them. BFG KO2 31x10.5s. I'll soon be going to 16s to get extra clearance with the dust boot on the tie rod, it's a little too close for comfort. Probably with 33s or 32s and AR62s as they look as close to the stock Eliminator wheels as I can find.



Pacesetter headers and a Flowmaster muffler


Best MJ story- 

Being the only person at the mini moto race who brought their race bike in a Comanche. The 1st time I went to Pitt Race after doing the bedliner there was an autocross going on at the same time as we (OMRL) were using the kart track and a big bike track day on the main track, so there was a bunch of people who came up wanting to look at it.


CC is Awesome! Why? 

Good community and great knowledge base for a fairly rare truck. I had some less than stellar experiences on some of the JK forums. Also for finding ways to fix things that have discontinued parts.



Congratulations! This is a great looking truck!

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23 hours ago, Pete M said:

so many great upgrades! :drool:  hard to pick a fav, but I think I'm going to go with the clock panel. :D 

Thanks. I've been trying to get as much as I can out of my Solidworks edu license before I lose it here in a month or 2.

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22 hours ago, SoCalJeepComanche said:

Awesome build.  How are you using the REM to trigger the electric fan?

A wire from the 1st aux pin on the REM connector in the engine bay to the relay. Then select that pin in the REM to be fan #1 and select the temp range

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  • 2 weeks later...

BOLD choice on the color. It works, and you won't see any others like it.

The keyed interior makes for a really showable truck too.

The stance looks great.  A Comanche wears a lift better than most trucks out there.

They don't look lifted, they just look like they were meant to be that way.




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