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  1. I'm guessing there's a load cell in the tongue of the trailer that keeps the force on the tow vehicle 0, applying accel or regen as needed. The BMS in an EV won't let you charge the battery while it's being discharged, so there would have to be some tricky connections to hook everything up in parallel. It would probably have to be designed in by the manufacturer, that's way to deep into the propulsion system for the aftermarket to handle. I think hydrogen is better for towing and commercial trucks with current tech. With a BEV, bigger isn't always better. Double the battery takes double the time to charge, and you have to lug around the extra weight. (until solid state becomes a thing, but that's probably still a decade out) I've been considering the Mini EV for a while because of this. As long as I can slow charge it every night, 110 miles is plenty for a daily, and it fast charges in 30 minutes on 50kW, which are more available than 150kW stations.
  2. JK axles are a different generation than XJ/MJ/TJ. JK rear brakes might fit the axle end, but they're 5x5. Rear Explorer brakes work on the d44 with a little modification of the backing plate. Front JK knuckles would bolt on, but with 2 deg negative camber, and you're stuck with the wrong bolt pattern. JK rotors are bigger so you won't find them in 5x4.5.
  3. I measured between 2.5-3" rear with no idea what kind of springs they are, and 3" pucks in front. 31x10.5r15 with similar backspace to stock wheels. Rusty's LCAs to clear the tires. I'm gathering parts for 4.5" and maybe going up to 32s. Cutting springs is dangerous. The only springs that can be cut safely are tangential ended, ours are squared. It will make the spring rate stiffer and if it gets heated over 400 deg it will anneal the steel and ruin the spring.
  4. Es ist Freitag abend! A little thrash for the weekend
  5. It's not from a real dealership, but I just made this one. Inspired from the Big Bill Hell's Used Cars spoof ad that someone made in the 90s. Bad deals! Cars that break down! Thieves!
  6. I think everyone goes to Southington here, which is a lot of mud. Or there's Wellsville, but there's been a lot of problems down there. I've only rode some of the single track around NEO on the DRZ400 that I had. There are some trails in Wayne National Forest, but I don't think Jeeps are allowed. I miss the Gulches down in SC.
  7. Someone needs to get the housing 3d scanned without the lens so they can be printed, or have molds made. If only I had $800 laying around for the 3d scanner Creality just came out with
  8. https://nickintimedesign.com/renix-parts-suggestions/ NTKs are usually the go to, but they stopped using a ceramic housing at some point so some have said they're not as good. I just got one and it seems fine so far. The one to avoid is Bosch.
  9. Key Parts would be a lot easier than what I did piecing together XJ wheel arches. XJ arches are both shorter and narrower, and the flare stamping is slightly different. I fabricated some patches of my own for the inner fender. XJ inner fenders can be used for patches there too.
  10. I usually use Summit for stuff like that, mainly because I live next door to them, but I also don't like Jeg's website. Summit is a lot easier to navigate. It looks like Summit and Quadratec both carry the same valve retainers, Crown isn't usually the best in the world but spring retainers should be fine. Or go down to the pull a part and take them out of any 4.0 for $2.
  11. Are you sure that's not for a 1978 Cherokee? That's an FSJ radio
  12. I had Ox lockers in my JK that worked great. I had the air adapter for them too, so they worked basically the same as ARB. I didn't like how ARB's have you run a pressurized line inside the diff and have it seal on the axle shaft. Ox uses a shift fork in the cover kinda like the CAD, but if you lose air pressure, they have a backup you can screw in to lock it over.
  13. I took mine apart after I found one in the JY and it sounded muffled. Any XJ/MJ/YJ up to 96 should have the same radio. It's not hard to take the part that holds the cassette off, just a few small screws. It probably just needs a good cleaning with alcohol, I would check all the small wire connections with the button problems. I've been buying old metal and punk cassettes when I find them for cheap on Ebay, some new albums are starting to be sold on cassette too, I just got Ministry's new album on cassette. A $20 Bluetooth cassette adapter also makes your old looking radio function like a more modern one.
  14. The average age of cars on the road is 12 years, so assuming that as the half life, there would be less than 17% left of any car after 30 years, so it's not that shocking
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