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1978 Subaru Brat

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We just went and got a 78 Brat for stupid cheap, especially once you find out more about this car. It's gonna be like a family project car, could be fun to drive around sometimes, maybe to car shows, or just a firewood hauler for the yard. The main reason it even peaked my dads interest was it has the whole jump seat assembly in the bed, but also has a rollbar and roof spoiler topper thing. The roof spoiler is a SnugTop, serial number 0062. Not sure how many were made but they are definitely pretty rare. After doing some research, everything on this is factory optional, including the front bumper. Rust is somewhat bad in a few small areas, but its a southern car, I'm sure for someone in the Salt Belt this is pristine.:laugh: The coolest part by far is the paperwork in the glove box. I thought my MJ had a lot of documentation, but no this thing has the "Pre-Delivery Inspection and Adjustment Service Check List" paper, it has the sellers sheet showing each option and the price of each(total price it sold for was $5,802), along with Owners manual, warranty information, etc. Supposedly 2 years ago the previous owner poured gas down the carb and got it to start. Upon quick inspection everything is under the hood and complete. This is gonna be a really cool project.image1.jpg.3c286dfb70a28cbdb09d9882b78ec617.jpg240165245_image1(1).jpg.8aa1c944ca270e4dfa4aaa3e2c3f3db3.jpgimage0.jpg.6487045c6f433fa5bced11f621b791f1.jpg




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My dad used to have a brat, it was riveted together and painted brown with speckles of every paint color thrown at it.  I drove that to a basketball practice my freshman year in January, best day ever!!  All my teammates teased me about the car, I said what other freshman drove to practice?  I thought so...

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