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ordered a new toy!


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Some comanche parts potential with that.
Honestly, probably will be barely any comanche parts cut on it lol. Unless there's some very simple, flat parts that every needs.

Might try to redraw the hitch plates and make my own small runs of them.

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Nice! I bought mine about 2.5 years ago when they only had the smaller table available. I bought the XL kit for it sometime in 2020, and then finally installed it this summer, and still have not used it. For as expensive as it was I sure haven’t used it much, other projects keep taking me away from making wall art and such with it. I did reverse engineer a bracket for KJ renegade foglights……shortly before my KJ got totaled. 

I’ve got a couple of key ring holders drawn up, I just haven’t productionized them yet, made a few test runs to get my settings dailed in, but didn’t end up figuring the best method to remove the dross and bend the holder fingers, I have a press and a sand blaster now, so those might help for production. I think I’m going to get a brake/shear kit for my press which should help with making 3D parts from flat panel drawings. 

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