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Look for rust in the frame especially from the rear axle back. Also look for rust in the body mounts and the rockers. I see a lot of bedliner and stick on diamond plate... that stuff easily hides everything.


Otherwise, I like pink Jeeps. :peep:

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Those half doors are from a YJ.  Easy retrofit to a CJ7, check to see if they open and close easily.  Looks like they might be 1987 doors (no lock cylinders), or the locks were removed/covered over.  Not important if you don't care about locking it up.


The front spring shackle and fixed end mounting point look odd.  It looks like they replaced the rear (fixed) front spring mounting points, which is odd.  I'd carefully inspect the frame for repairs.  I've seen rust holes filled with expanding foam, covered in bondo and painted black.


Besides looking for rust, I would check EVERY SINGLE electrical accessory to see if they work- headlights high and low, turn signals, wipers, horn, hazards, heater blower, etc.  Ask if the fuel gauge works.  Electrical issues are common, both from age and previous owner "mods".


Looks like a 258 engine, factory auto, and 1980 was the first year for the excellent Dana 300 transfer case, with the one year only (1980) short rear output shaft.


1976-1981 were narrow track axles, should be a Dana 30 front and AMC 20 rear with two piece axle shafts.  One piece axle shafts are a common upgrade, but can't tell if they are done because of the center caps on the rear wheels.


And I'll just say it- I've owned/wheeled/daily driven a CJ since 1995.  I wouldn't recommend one to anyone unless they are a mechanic, or at least mechanically savvy.

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She wanted it as a part time daily and weekender. With the help of the messages above and some research I think I’ve pretty much convinced her to start with a yj or tj instead 🤞🏻Cause it’ll be her first Jeep 

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Any CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ is an old Jeep at this point.  They haven't made a TJ/LJ in 16 years.  And the others are older


So while they're generally reliable (at least compared to their contemporaries), they are old and things wear out no matter what.  I wouldn't avoid them arbitrarily.  But for a daily driver, I would be very thorough going through one and evaluating every single thing on them to make sure they're in good shape.  Check any of them for rust and worn out drivetrain/interior.  If you find one in good running order you're going to pay more for it but it would be worth it.  Of course, people put a high price tag on rusty junk so don't just assume that a high price Jeep is in good shape.


Don't be scared of older Jeeps.  But don't trust anyone when buying one.  Get under the Jeep and give it a thorough look.  Verify that it's in good shape.  And then buy with confidence.

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91 was the first wrangler year that got the fuel injected 4.0.  :L:  I think the 2.5 was injected 87-90? 


old Jeeps are old Jeeps.  if you care for them, they will take care of you. :D   the big problem is POs who don't care enough to bother. :(  


whatever you do, don't buy a rusty wrangler. 

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