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AMC|Jeep Key Hunt


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Anyone want to help assist in finding NOS AMC|Jeep keys sitting around at some dealers? 


Currently 149(37dealers) of the ignition keys laying around and 198(16 dealers and 138 of these keys are at vintage probably with the Pentastar logo) of the door keys. I suspect most probably have the Pentastar with Jeep below it but the newest number supersede from old AMC numbers and I suspect there could be some older keys out there.

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Random dealers, unless there is some in your state who show to have either key.


I don't know of any old lock smiths laying around but I should give that a try.


None near, just be a simple phone call to a couple dealers. I don't want to overload anyone with more than 3 dealers. 


Which ever ones do have the AMC keys, I will call them up and buy them and who ever found them will get a key for free as a finders fee.

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57 minutes ago, sammisox said:

Are the blanks on eBay not original ones? I was looking at buying some so before I do just wanted to see. 

These are what I’m talking about


I’m glad you brought this up. There is a really weird oddity with the keys. Some that are labeled from 70-84 are slightly different to where they won’t go into our key locks. I learned this when I got some keys off eBay that said they fit Jeeps to 84 and I thought well how different could they be. They are. If you have a set of original keys, there is a “J” stamped on the key that works with our trucks and later year Jeeps. *

Also the keys that fit our trucks on eBay are very expensive and the ones floating at dealers and apparently lock smiths are cheap.

*turns out only the ignition keys are stamped with a J, so the round ones for the doors are universal for all

years. Only 84-85 used different ignition lock cylinders and keys.  

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5 hours ago, eaglescout526 said:

Kinda why I’m doing a hunt as the keys dry up, all we will have the pentastar and aftermarket to use. 

I think I got his last ones though. If I find myself his way, I’ll stop in and ask. 

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