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Harvest King brand fluids

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Has anybody used Harvest King brand fluids from Rural King? I've been getting my 01 XJ ready for naxja winterfest next weekend and decided to try RK's stuff out.


This "experiment" started when I had to swap AW4s out after I lost reverse in mine from last year's winterfest. (Only took me about 46 weeks to get around to swapping it out).

Before I swapped trannys I did a fluid flush to see of that was the issue and used Rural King brand cheap stuff. That didnt fix the issue so...

But when I did the swap I had fluid left over so I went and bought more and filled it up. No issues so far with 200 miles on it.


Next, I wanted to weld the rear end...

So I figured, why not use RK gear oil too since it's cheap. It needed it bad! Ew! So got some new fluid and filled her up.

Looked and smelled like any other gear oil I've used...



Then, I had to change valve cover gasket and filter and oil.

So again, I thought, why not try RK's brand...so i did a $14.47 oil change....

I know the motor oil is made by Citgo so figured it can't be the worst stuff out there...


I also think I have Harvest King coolant in it too from a long time ago.


This 4.0 has not been treated nicely in the 75,000 miles I've had it.

I got it so hot once from a busted radiator that I warped the head, big time! Machined it down and slapped it back on.

Then a few years later the jeep went swimming in the frozen river bottoms... jeep floated... got it outta the water, fired up on it's own and drove it home 35 miles.

248k on it. It was way overdue for an oil change this time and about a quart and a half low.


I'm just curious if anybody else has used Rural King's Harvest King brand fluida and what your thoughts were on any of it.


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On other forums, I've seen oil threads blow up worse than any political thread.  It's always entertaining to watch. :popcorn:


I think people here are much more level headed though so I don't suppose that will happen here.


I haven't used that brand before.  Haven't even heard of it.  I suspect it's just putting a specific label on bulk products they source from somewhere else.  I bet that if you change fluids and filters on schedule and get rid of the milk shake in the differential, you should have decent luck just like any other moderately priced store brand.

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I have used it in a '98 Neon. It used oil, so whatever was cheapest. Sometime I could get NAPA at $2 a bottle and once in a while Peak. I can't comment if HK is good or not. Rual King does have good prices on oil though. 

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I'm to the point that any fluid is good enough for these Jeeps as long as it's the properly rated fluid.  I've used expensive stuff, I've used the cheapest stuff, they all work just fine and I personally haven't seen an issue with any of them.


Never heard of Harvest King tho, where'd you get it from?  Sounds like something I'd find at tractor supply.



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I used to use Mobil 1 15/50 VR synth oil in my ZJ with a modded 4.Slow, and it worked well, Rotella works pretty good, too as does Delo. I currently use Delo 5-40 synthetic on my 2.5 because of the cold winter mornings. The only thing to watch for if you're being really careful is zinc content. Our engines were designed in the 70's (I think) when oil had more lubricity additives. 


As far as RK fluids being good? 


I bet they're made by one of the few major oil manufacturers and given a generic additive package, which is to say, they're probably a damned sight better than most fluids that were around when our trucks were new and probably on par with most conventional oil out there now. 

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