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18 minutes ago, Epplebee said:

Is Raptor liner that much better? The issue I have is not having a place to spray anything which is why I am leaning towards Monstaliner.


Why do you want to bedline your truck?

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1 minute ago, ghetdjc320 said:

I’ve seen good results with monstaliner and it’s pretty uv stable which is a big plus. Raptor gives a nice finish. 

“IF” you like the looks of bedlined trucks. I’ve seen very few that look decent. Too many use it as a bandaid for bad body work and coverups. Done well though, the results can be decent. 

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My wife and I absolutely love Monstaliner. We did the interior (gray), and exterior. As with any paint job, it's all about prep. I put about 80 man hours into just prep interior/exterior combined. It's going on 3 years old and still looks exactly like the day it dried, and it's lived outdoors that entire time. It's an excellent product to work with, you just have to take your time and plan it all out. A quick slap job will yield poor results, peeling, and a mess. I'm not going to say it's the best product out there because every product has pros/cons. Yes, it can hide bad body work, but it also means it'll hide minor imperfections that a traditional spray job would highlight, so you don't have to put weeks of body work into for a perfect surface. We also really like that it's not heavily textured like other products. 1, it doesn't hold dirt because there isn't a deep texture to do so, and 2, the interior is not rough on bare feet nor is it slippery. Plus now they have 68 off the shelf colors. Realistically, you can paint a whole Jeep inside and out and completely change the look of a vehicle for <$300 with a tough as nails and UV stable product. I'll be doing my MJ in it for sure, and my vintage garden tractor. 



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I love monstaliner. Goes on super easy and looks really good. The texture is from the rollers you buy so it won't crumble over time like ones that use pieces of something to get texture. Stuff is super tough and it hides imperfections which was a plus for me. Like the other guy said, it's 90% prep. I did grey accents on mine. Roof, hood, and bumper.  They recently came out with a maroon color so I might redo it all in one color. 


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I personally think it's a solid option depending on certain things. If your MJ is beat up or your using it as a trail rig 100% best option, not worth it to rattle can.  


My only issue is I don't like the "textured" look, but that's where durabak comes in. They have a smooth option. 





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On 2/26/2020 at 5:54 PM, Jeep Driver said:

If you are going to make that kind of mistake, at least use Raptor. 

Why's that? Raptor isn't terribly UV stable from the one time I used it. Good product, and great for a cheap bedliner but for appearances I don't know if I would use it on a whole vehicle.


On 2/26/2020 at 1:24 PM, 89 MJ said:


Can’t ever take it off., if it gets wrecked, it is hard to match, heavy, will wreck anything that isn’t masked off. 



hard to scratch


Not enough pros inmy opinion. 

A bondo-eater will remove it easily enough if it's anything like Raptorliner. I haven't removed Monstaliner yet but Raptor does come off with some 40 grit and my big DA (gear-driven).

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