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  1. I thought the same to but it is a totally different clip.
  2. Totally screwed that one up. Its been edited and the proper clup is shown now.
  3. While looking some things up about the pillar light I came across someone who used VW courtesy lights so I went ahead and grabbed me a set for each MJ at the local pick a part. Not realizing it at the time both sets had different retaining clips. I know i grabbed a set from a newer Passat and a set from a newer Beetle. Both have the exact same part number but different clips. What I really like about them is other then modifying the wiring, the snap right in with no other modification. Here are the 2 different retaining clips, part number, wiring schematic (don't mind my horrible drawing) and the end result.
  4. Been a little while since i have posted but have made some good progress on Sandman. New floor pans installed, POR 15, sound deadening, new carpet, interior is now black and grey, installed factory bucket seats and center console.
  5. How much for the pair shipped to 32909 and the steering wheel you have listed as well?
  6. What do you want for just the passenger side regulator?
  7. I was wondering what down pipe you used for the HO exhaust manifold.
  8. Do you still have any seat brackets for sale? I am looking for 2 sets of them.
  9. Epplebee


    I will send him a message, thanks
  10. Epplebee


    Thank you so much. Its pretty cool that this is a build for one of my sons whos in the ARMY and his birthday is May 26th....is there anyway to find out if its a pioneer or what other package it might be?
  11. Thank you. Atleast a 3 or 4 inch lift with some 31s. Trying to find a light/roll bar for it. Have the new front bumper just have to install it. Other then that and changing the color, not to much. For now anyways.....lol
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