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  1. YOU ARE THE MAN CRUISER!!! Only tip the PO didn't do was dizzy indexing. Set the dizzy properly and runs like a top. I want to thank you for your tips because I was going bat $#!& crazy.......once again, you are THE MAN!!!!!
  2. Spoke with the PO, he said that he followed all of your tips to the T, including the intake gasket
  3. Wouldn't that cause a other issues then just stumbling between 1500-2000 rpm though?
  4. PO installed HO intake and exhaust manifold so there's only EGR
  5. NGK BKR5EIX plugs TPS tested good Every gear and sitting in the driveway. Always between 1500-2000 rpm. Idles great as does when i snap the throttle, but slightly increase throttle and stumble at 1500rpm
  6. Replaced plugs with proper .035 gap(po had them at .025) cap and rotor are in great shape. Doesn't seem to run as rich but still has a stumble about 1500 rpm til about 2000 rpm. My son will be home in about 3 weeks to drive this thing from Florida to Kentucky and I really need to get this thing running right but I am lost at this point.
  7. Thats next. I didn't think it should be an issue since the PO put all new caps, plugs and wires on it before i got it. Hasn't hardly ran since he did it all.
  8. I have it fired up and running, been over 29 minutes so it seems like a new coil and wire fixed that issue. It still has a bad stumble between 1500-2000 rpms which i can't figure out plus seems to be running rich.
  9. Fuel pump ballast resistor has already been bypassed by the PO, along with all of your other tips
  10. It now runs but besides the sputtering between 1500-2000 rpm, it will just shut off after running for 15-20 minutes. Hooked an actual fuel pressure gauge and it maintains steady pressure. It really seems to be ignition related i just can't figure out what exactly
  11. I went through and unplughed every sensor and re connected them and it fires up and runs. No clue on which one it was but its running now. Still has a sputter between 1500-200 rpm though
  12. CPS is a constant .7 AC volts when cranking so i guess i can rule that out?
  13. I will do that when my wife gets home so she can crank while i test. If the cps is bad would it even start though?
  14. I did do that and no change. Fuel pump runs and puts out great pressure. I am thinking it may be igition related. Just because the coil is new doesn't mean its any good.
  15. I have to wait a while before it will start back up. So when i can get it started i will let you know.
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