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4 hours ago, Sir Sam said:


More regional thing, California its fairly common.


Yes, don't expect the landlord to provide a refrigerator/washer/dryer in San Diego.  Do expect a range, oven and a dishwasher.  All fairly standard.


Also expect to pay $2200 a month (minimum)  for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo and more for the same size house.  Hey - San Diego is not Alabama or most of the rest of the country.


That said, both Anita and I have been willing to provide a refrigerator, if the tenant asks. But if it breaks in 5 years, well, buy your own new one.

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5 hours ago, Knucklehead97 said:

Sadly terrible. They must of been using a good camera... Cause it was not that nice at all in person. Floors were scraped up, it was across the road from the biggest Section 8 housing complex I've ever seen. And it had a weird scent to it. Also took the rental agency 3 days to return my call on Monday.





Not to worry, you are learning important lessons about housing.  Most important, you are looking at the LOCATION of your rental and its neighborhood.  Much more important than just how much $$ it cost.  Lots of people offering junk for lots of money out there.  Cars and housing both.


A smart landlord is not just looking for top dollar rent only.  It is the long term costs that are/should be important to the landlord.  I for one am willing to offer good value rent pricing in exchange for a good tenant who takes care of the property.  Over time, I have found that gives the best return for me.


Find a well cared for house at a fair price, not a cheap price, pay the rent on time. And when you have an issue with the house a good landlord will fix it promptly.  But don't be a pain on small crap.  Take care of it yourself.  Believe it of not, Anita had one tenant - a female college professor - who expected us to change her light bulbs.  NO, we are not doing that.  Same lady asked us to feed her cat while she was on Vacation.  Did that once, for her.  But never again.  After 2 years, Anita did not renew the lease.  Any wonder why?  The lady tenant was a pain in the back side.  Paid her rent on time, but a pain in the U No What.


BTW, she also got fired from the University, because she was a PAIN. 

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Ya.....replacing light bulbs, there are some problem tenants out there and there are some annoying tenants. 


I specifically called out in my lease that lightbulbs were the responsibility of the tenant. I also called out that they had to be replaced with equal quality/type if they were replaced. 


That being said most everything switched to non replaceable LEDs so it ought not to be a problem for a decade at least. 


I get to hear all sorts of crazy things that have happened to other landlords and use them to update my lease with some specifics, if you are ever looking for interesting reading land lots forums have some good stuff. I read this one a lot:



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I sign on a lease Saturday! 3 bed, 1 bath, cute little house right up the road from my job. Super clean inside and the renters are really nice and have given my fiance and I freedom as far as the yard and interior of the house. We can paint it, plant gardens, whatever. Has a carport, big shed, and a full concrete driveway. Very excited to get moved in!

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