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Son of Stink

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Official build thread begins on my ’92 MJ project – named ‘Son of Stink’ – before I complete my ’89 MJ project overhaul. Here’s a link to my MJOTM write up from 2012.


The ’92 has been my daily driver for the past 5 years and has ran flawlessly. Currently I have about 230+K on the clock and converted it to 4wd several years back when I bought it...with an AX-15, external slave, NP231, Dana 44. Over the next couple months, I’ll be sharing my re-build-up with the forum…


Phase 1 is installing a Hesco stroker with Edelbrock head, 97+ intake, Borla header, bored TB, Brown Dog motor mount brackets with factory rubber mounts, Hesco relocated CPS kit, K&N intake with S&B cone filter. I’ll be deleting the clutch and run dual 97+ XJ electric fans (LHD and RHD) on a new Mopar HD radiator. Mated to the stroker will be a NOS set AX-15 (still external slave) & NP231. While I have the engine out I’ll install a ZJ gear box and 97+ XJ washer tank, and stainless steel exhaust running a MagnaFlow cat and muffler. Next up will be bolting up a hidden winch plate and Warn 8000 winch. All this will be behind the factory bumper and air damn. Only clue there’s a winch behind the bumper will be the fairlead. I’ll be running winch controls in-cab connected to factory switch pods with custom logo overlays relating to winch controls.


Phase 2 is Old Man Emu 934 springs, JKS upper and lower control arms and track bar, Metric Ton leafs, ADDCCO sway bars front and rear (a la Hornbrod’s install). New Mopar hubs, PowerStop cross-drilled discs all around, and TJ Canyon’s on 31” tires.


Phase 3 will be paint and body with new bright work and trim, 97+ XJ windows, etc.

I’ll post photo’s and progress as I go. Teardown starts this weekend.



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Getting there with the teardown… Got the majority of the bolt-on’s of the original engine off, both drive shafts, cat-back, and wiring tucked aside. I know I’m able to pull the engine through transfer case as one unit, but there’s less risk of damage to things if I do it in pieces…especially the AC condenser which I am going to leave for the most part in place. Here’s some photos from Saturday’s work. Thought I’d get further in 15 hours…





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Getting there…Over 100 degrees here in CA to add to the fun. Pulled the engine, cleaned the firewall, cut the necessary holes for the 97+ XJ washer container. Tomorrow I prep the Hesco stroker, installing the Borla header and intake before I drop it in next weekend.







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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the Stroker in on Saturday with the help of Mike (fiatslug). Went in easy for the most part, just getting that passenger side motor mount to drop into the frame bracket took a couple attempts. Bolted on the Borla header and hung MetricTon leafs on the back. Cleaned up and painted soon to be installed parts. 





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I was hoping to get a lot more done over the past few days, but... was able to get a few accessories, pulleys, and hoses attached. Also, bolted on the NOS ZJ steering box. Cleaned up the D30 and installed new dust plates, hubs, JKS UCA, LCA, and track bar (not in the photo). Old Man Emu 934 coil springs, .75" poly coil spring isolator, and Bilstein front shocks in place. Removed the original tie rods and steering linkage and replaced them with ZJ units... 






ZJ box.jpg

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Slowly continuing to put the MJ back together between work, kids and life… Engine is nearly together. I found that upgrading to the 97+ XJ intake makes for fun routing the fuel lines to the fuel rail. Basically, the fuel lines are pressed a bit tight against the power steering pressure line. I could have bent the fuel rail line, but opted to get a Renix-era steering line and mildly tweak it at the steering pump. Fuel lines clear with no issue/ pressure against anything now. Vacuum lines were redo using a mix of High Output lines and Renix-era lines which again provided me the best option to route and extend things nice and neat.


Top left corner of the engine compartment I found at the local pick n pull a ‘91 XJ with ABS pump mounting plate that I stripped down and am re-purposing to mount my Warn winch solenoid on the hidden winch I'll be installing. Still need to install the clutch, tranny/ transfer case…lift, etc.





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The engine set up is 95% there… All HW tightened and wiring connected. Only thing left under the hood is putting the hidden winch in place then installing the dual efan radiator set up. It has taken some time running extension electrical and new vacuum lines created from Renix-era vacuum assemblies. I like how it has turned out. Looks like a factory set up. I also installed new fuel lines at the engine – was surprised they still make these. They are actually not bent identical to the 91/ 92-era fuel lines but are bent in a way that makes mounting them to the 97+ XJ intake manifold cleaner. I used a slightly modified ’65 Mustang fuel line bracket off the intake manifold.




Recently installed highlights include Hesco harmonic balancer/ CPS kit. I have HESCO’s CPS set up running as the primary and a fail-over/ backup CPS in the original location (not connected) should I have issues with the primary. Also, thanks to Mean Lemons for providing me with longer 2-gauge winch copper lines…I was able to mount the solenoid under the hood on a ’91 XJ Limited ABS pump bracket. I ran/ wired in-cab winch controls using Jeep rocker switches – factory fog light switch for the winch on/ off and a ’89 FSJ SJ rear power tailgate up/ down rocker switch for the winch in/ out.




I had to modify the earlier 4.0L timing chain cover similar to the later model 4.0L timing chain cover in appearance. The original cover had a tab that prevented me from running the serpentine belt the way I needed to when using the 96+ XJ power steering set up...This took a lot of patience Dremel cutting, then sanding the timing chain cover. It turned out well and I'll be able to run the belt as I need to. Also, the alternator support bracket was modified (essentially cut in half), so I could run the belt up to the waterpump. (You’ll notice I cut off the clutch fan ‘nose’ in one of the photo’s below).








Relay wiring is set up for the RHD XJ efan…a write up using both RHD and LHD efans can be found here:


After I install the hidden winch, I’m moving on to installing the clutch, trans and transfer case.



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“Rough” print outs of switch pod overlays I’m making. I did the design/ layout and will get these produced as a sticker then cover them with a thin clear textured laminate similar to the finish of the OEM pods. Work in progress… Should have something to show late next week.





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Winch in place…Took a couple test fits, notches, and cuts to the OEM front crossmember and engine splash-shield, but I like how it turned out. I wrapped the winch engine side with masticated rubber (same as OEM splash-shield material) to keep any oil and/ or coolant that make leak off the synthetic rope. The cut-out (top side of the crossmember) serves as a cover plate to access the winch.












Also purchased Metalcloak JK sway bar drop spacer kit for hidden winch plate clearance and correct endlink geometry of the ZJ installed sway bar. These spacers were both local to me and the nicest spacers I found online as they come anodized black.   



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22 hours ago, Gjeep said:

Also purchased Metalcloak JK sway bar drop spacer kit for hidden winch plate clearance and correct endlink geometry of the ZJ installed sway bar. These spacers were both local to me and the nicest spacers I found online as they come anodized black.


Are these a copy of the original Synergy JK rear sway bar brackets? Got a pic?



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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the JKS control arms installed, as well as the track bar. Had a fun time centering the tire in the fender. Seems the numbers I found others have dialed adjustable control arms out to didn’t do the job of getting the tire centered for me, but I got things dialed. 




Also started putting the D44 back together with the Teraflex disk kit and MetricTon leafs.




The big accomplishment was getting the clutch installed and bolting up the new AX-15. Assembly went smooth.




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