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2008 Dodge Dakota


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Not the best, but gives you the idea...




I would buy that. Does it come with a 5spd and a solid front axle? Still, Id buy it.

Front is IFS and on ST and SLT you can get the 6 speed manual. Gotta love the 4.7 liter high output option. No such option from Nissan and Toyota on their midsize pickups.

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Coming soon to a Jeep Dealership near you, the all new 2008 Super Cab Comanche RJ. It's back, and featuring a fully boxed 1/4" stainless steel frame, and aluminum cab.

Brute legacy, only in a Jeep.



MSRP $19,965

Rubicons start at just $25,235


Engine Options:

4.0L I6 HO, Now with 212HP, and 406ft/lb Torque

4.7L V8 HO SE, Now with 336hp, and 512ft/lb Torque*

Transmission Options:




545RFE Automatic*

Transfer Case Options:





Axle Options^:

Dana 30 Front

Dana 44 Front*#

Dana 60 Front+#

Chrysler 8.25 Rear

Dana 44 Rear*#

Dana 60 Rear+#


* Denotes Optional Equipment

+ Denotes standard equipped on Rubicon Package

^ Denotes Only available in High Pinion, And Front King Pin Knuckles

# Denotes available with air locker, standard on Rubicon Package

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The yellow did not do anything for me :cry:


But I will order the red one with all the options:cheers:


Also my daughter would like to order a blue one and the wife would like one in black :D


First truck my wife liked that she would give her ZJ up for :cheers:

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