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I always thought I could be a good photographer with one limitation.  I am suck.  I could never get proper aperture/shutter. If I set to full auto, the camera always wants a photo with perfect light.  In low light conditions and if you want a low light photograph, that never works.


THEN if you go on vacation to a place you know you will never see again, and its indoors, then you get the different colors of light and light balance is all screwed up.

I could go on and on....


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I was ready to upgrade from my sony pocket cam with a 30x zoom. Wanted a full frame dslr, finally branched away from best buy and talked to a local family owned store. Told him what I wanted and my experince and showed the camera I wanted. He said he'd sell me that but brought out another camera that I just didn't want. Long story short I heard him out (2 hrs picking his brain) and he loved the camera so much he was pushing one that was over half cheaper than what I initally had him let me look at. I took his advice and went back the next day after taking some snow pics and thanking him for his advice. I now have a sony A6000 and can't say enough good things about it, even with the kit lens. I shoot mostly in aperture (the auto mode works pretty great too) mode, but when you make an adjustment it's a mirrioless designs and shows damn near the exact pic on the screen or eye piece before you take a pic, and $900 for the body, 16-55 and 55-210 lens is a bargin for the quality I get. If I were to do it over again, I'd skip both kit lens and get the sony 18-108mm G lens which would be more usable lens for me with much better quality




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a6000 is a great camera, I shoot Nikon stuff professionally but the Sony mirrorless offerings are excellent. I mostly shoot medium format film for personal work:


Here's one from Iceland




Used to do a lot of abandoned stuff but now I mostly take photos of my kid haha








Also, loving all the blue heeler photos in this thread, they are my absolute favorite dog ever

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