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Is this a real turbo diesel?

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I'd like to know how knows there are only 26 left in existence?


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The seller is the Self-appointed President for Life of the International MJ Diesel Preservation Society. I think he works for Eagle.  :yes: :yes:

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Pat's dads truck.


Pat said the frame was rusted very badly among other issues.  Forget what they sold the truck for.  Now where close to this asking price - I know that.


Anyone looking for a Diesel MJ should be looking in Canada for one.


I picked up my Diesel MJ for $350 Canadian.  That was under $300 U.S. dollars this summer.  And it is in much better condition than this rust bucket.  Once we get the VW TDI engine in it, it will run for another 300,000 miles.

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I've seen this thing in person when Pat's dad owned it. The underside/framerails are surprisingly clean for how the outside looks. I would have thought the thing would be ready to taco, but I've seen much cleaner rigs with worse frames.


As for the running part, even though it has 250ish thousand miles, it runs better than my 150K truck. Pat's dad worked at a truck shop for years and took good care of it. (Mechanically) When they picked it up it needed the rockers replaced because of a blown timing belt, and since then he had really made himself familiar with it. He used it to go back an fourth to work and as a utility vehicle. Last time I saw it running he was using it as a garbage hauler to bring the cans to the road and run back and fourth between the barn and house. The precombustion chamber had a crack in it, so if you really beat it, it would force some air into the coolant. Still... If someone wanted to pick it up, I think there is enough meat there to make something out of it. I would think it is worth about $1,500 to $2,000 if it still runs as good as it did when I last saw it.





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Wow I didn't realize any CC members would have seen this in person. I live close to this truck and have considered going to look at it but the price is high and it hasn't changed in a long time leading me to believe it's a stubborn old guy who owns it. I'm guessing it will rot away where it sits.

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Almost bought a factory diesel in WA a month back or so. Had 150k was white and super clean. Guy wanted 4k or trade for a Toyota. Lol wish I had the money to pick it up.


So post the ad/contact info and more information about this Washington truck.  May be someone else on here who could buy it. 

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