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Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack


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I just saw it today and it's a nice "feel good" story. Kind of nice for a change.


Definitely.  Most of the news is so negative.  This was actually nice, and I'm not really a cat person.  I do wonder what possessed this dog to do that and what happened to it after all this.

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Kitty now plays baseball:



Ridiculous. That is truly stupid to even conceive of the idea, and animal cruelty to use an animals law to smack a ball, even at rest.


Least it wasnt a pit.. id hate to see a pitbull put down cause of somethin like that


Breed doesn't matter here, what the dog did was wrong. Would have deserved to be put down regardless.


Is this cool or what?


Thanks for sharing don. Cool for sure.
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Some observations regarding these two animals:


The Dog:

The dog was an eight-month old Golden / Chow mix.

The dog is still alive. He's sitting out a 7-day rabies quarantine at the local animal control.

The dog acted like a cat (or lion) by carrying out a sneaking ambush attack on the child from the rear.

The dog acted like a cat again by hauling a$$ at first contact with his enemy, even though the odds were in his favor.


The Cat:

The cat acted like a dog by attacking her enemy head-on protecting her future master.

The cat had no fear attacking an enemy much larger than her. Also dog-like.

The cat, originally a stray, followed the family home from a park five years ago. Dogs do that.


I'm also a dog person. But In this case the cat was the alpha dog. I'd love to have a cat like that.  :yes:

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