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Barn Find - '92 Eliminator, 19K Miles, Mystery $ - Brimfield, Ma

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:drool:  I want it!




1992 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 4 X 4. Only 19,758 original miles. This is not a missprint or a typo. This truck has all factory options. This was the last year for the Comanche with only 952 of them built. The Eliminator edition is estimated to be one of only 40 built. This is RARE truck! This truck has no rust as it was never driven in the winter - has never seen New England salty roads. Also - the truck has not been on the road since 2002 - has been stored in a climate controlled garage for the past 12 years.

As this may be the nicest '92 Comanche in the country with VERY low miles, the price is not cheap. I would appreciate serious inquiries only.








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Just spoke with the seller.  He is a Jeep enthusiast and was on this site a few days ago.  His wife wants him to get rid of some of the 8 cars/trucks/jeeps he owns.  When I asked about the price, he said "almost as much as the number of miles on the truck".  He said nice, no rust, well keept older Jeeps go for quite a bit of money on the east coast. 


Rob, told him you would be looking for the VIN# and had sent him an email.  You might try calling him in a few days if you don't hear from him.

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  I wished it was red too, but they look pretty good in the silvery grey also, the different shades of grey on the Eliminator graphics add to the look I think, anyway it could have been green with yellow dots and I'd have still wanted it, James, the guy that had it in his garage (super nice guy! )  forever told me over the phone that it was in really nice shape, I figured even if I factored in the 25% or so that people selling cars usually hype up their description it still sounded good but he didn't exaggerate at all, he just took great care of it for all those years, it looked like new, just great. It did sit awhile without being started he said toward the end and the gas got old, but before I picked it up he took it to a Jeep dealer and got the tank and fuel lines flushed and a new fuel pump and it ran great when I got it. Since then I changed all the fluids, etc. but haven't had any troubles at all although I haven't really driven it that much either, I meant to, I was driving my 1989 Comanche all over the place and I planned to sell that one when I got this 92' but the new one might get a door ding at the grocery store or it might rain.... So it's still a bit of a garage queen and I'm still driving the old one most of the time.  Anyway, that's what happened to the Comanche in that ad, I think I found the ad by typing " Jeep Comanche Jaxed" into the internet search when I was looking to find one, worked pretty good.

  Good luck on search for a nice red one !

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