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I finally got it!! I picked up my Jeep Comanche from Chicago yesterday and drove it down to Asheville, NC to its new home. Here are some of the stats so far....


1989 Jeep Comanche

4.0L straight six

BA-10 5 speed



Light grey interior w/bench


Now for some pictures from the day I bought it. 










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First things first, pull up the carpet. Thanks to this website I learned how important that is and progress is being made on the very little rust the truck had:




This hole on the drivers side was about the size of my palm and completely through, tomorrow going to weld a patch in.






Passenger side isn't bad at all! No holes







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While waiting to weld the floor patches in I decided to switch back to the stock steelies, they have 31'' BFG all terrains which rock! They have a little rubbing at full lock with stock suspension 






Bushings need to be replaced but other than that suspension seems to be in good order




Thank you Cody for teaching me how to weld and fix my floors!




Pictures to follow of patches as it was to dark once we finished. 

Found out the clutch was giving out when I was driving it home. Master cylinder had really nasty black fluid in it although no visible leaks and I basically limped it to the shop with no clutch. Diagnoses to follow as soon as I hear back. 

Also, thanks Pete for the awesome club sticker!

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Diagnosis, master cylinder was bad and was replaced, however, clutch still gives out when driven hard and might need a new internal slave......oh well, it will be put off for now as the driving isn't that bad and it barely leaks fluid.  


This was my first welding job and I think it turned out alright. Cody did about half of it, where the patches didn't line up well and I got the rest. 




That is brake fluid from where I spilled it filling the master cylinder.   :doh:




Learned quickly that anything but spot welds would be to hot and melt the floor.......




Spent time waiting for the truck to fix the seat frame. Covered with spray on duplicolor bedliner. 

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Welcome Airman! Looks good, what are your plans for it?


Plans are too long to list!! Overall daily driver as I am still in college and weekend light trail rig. Might be getting it painted Duke blue over the summer cause the fist owner painted it with a mop......and house paint

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Used Quickweld to finish up the seal under the floors. 






After it dries gonna undercoat with BedArmor from duplicolor and that will be all I can do till the summer! Overall pretty productive spring break and I completely fixed the floors in a week. More to come in June!

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I've been thinking about plans for the truck for a while now and decided to put a wish list together of parts that will probably never make it onto the truck haha



Floorpan repair / herculiner

2 ball shifter knob

Refurbished bench seat

Gauge swap full instrument cluster

White gauges with blue LEDs

Euramtec lights 


Keys: One set painted and clear domed 


Audio / Tech

Kenwood KDC-X598

Alpine PDR-V75 4 channel 100W, 350W subout

JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12'' 300W gray carpet sub

Focal PS 130F 5.25'' 120W Components 

PAC LC-1 Bass Knob

Nokia Wireless car charger and mount panel

Aviation airspeed indicator / pitot tube system 



60mm bored throttle body Leigh Performance 

Dodge neon "703" injector swap

Closed to open cooling conversion / coolant flush

THOR cowl induction intake 


Axles and Gearing

AX-15 swap

External Slave Swap (bellhousing, retainer plate, pitch fork, throwout bearing, external slave cylinder, new hosing kit with fittings for master cylinder and pilot bushing). 

G2 1.25" wheel spacers rear

8.8 explorer rear limited slip w/disk brakes

ZJ parking brake cables 

3.55 front rear regear



CrownHD Steering kit


Tires / Wheels

American Racing AR767 wheels with caps

BFG A/T KO2 31x10.5 R15



Bushwacker flat fenders

Warrior Products Front bumper

Smittybuilt Dring Shackles

Hella H4 upgrade W/putco harness

Cable side mirrors 

Herculined bed, bed rails, and lower body line 

Fiberglass sun visor, black

"Fathom" blue paint MAACO

Soft topper convertible topper

Fog lights

Refurbished and detailed tail lights with black lines 



Clutch master cylinder

New horn  

Complete clutch kit / internal slave cylinder 

New custom exhaust, manifold back

166,168 Castrol Edge synthetic oil change, Purolator one 

Rain-x latitude wiper blades. 

Driveline belt, idle pully 


Front Brake pads 

Front brake rotors 

168,955 Castrol Edge synthetic oil change, wix 

Gauge swap 169345 on truck, 1768100 on new gauges (7465)

New Door Handles/belt moldings

Duralast Starter 

NAPA remanufactured p/s gear box

Rusty's xmember and omnix trans mount

Champion plugs (all old running rich) new air filter 

173,603 Castrol Edge synthetic 10W40, purolator

Duralast IAC, Bosch Oxygen Sensor 

Interior trans tunnel boot 

Vent windows and division weather stripping replaced w/sealed

Novak NP231 cable shifter

Crown Sway bar links, HD front shocks, ball joints, track bar.

Omix-ADA front hub and bearing assemblies.

Front soft lines, bled brakes, passenger side caliper.  

179,165 Castrol Edge synthetic 10w30, purolator

Duralast oil pressure sending unit

97+ windshield trim and new windshield 

183,065 Castrol Edge synthetic 10w30, purolator

BWD MAP sensor 

188,135 Castrol Edge synthetic 10w30, purolator

Internal Slave/LUK clutch kit 

192,683 Castrol high mileage full synthetic 10w40, STP 

196,967 Castrol high mileage full synthetic 10w40, Purolator

201,949 Castrol high mileage full synthetic 10w40, NAPA

Transfercase output seal and fluid change 


Like I said, most of this will never even come close to being bought but I can dream!!  :laughin:

This will be updated as I have new ideas and outfit new stuff too!

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I'm going to finish the lower body line and bed rail cover with more herculiner this summer and I got to thinking.....

I always liked the look of the scrambler with the black roof. Has anyone done this with an MJ? Please excuse the absolutely terrible MS Paint skills :rotf:



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So I got bored and decided to touch up my keys. Round fits the doors and square fits the ignition, and I have two sets. Took out some model paint and doming resin to protect it. Unfortunately the American Moters part was just too small to paint :dunno:  I plan on leaving the other set normal. 




One more month until I'm home and can start work again!

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Set of 4 American Racing AR767 $100 of craigslist! They are 15x8 with the 5x4.5 lug spacing. I have a set of BFGs on my stock rims, the firestone guy said they would fit these new rims even though the stock wheel is 15x7. Is this true? 



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I'm home in Asheville for a bit, already got a lot done. Complete clutch kit and internal slave cylinder for the long drive up to Colorado. Works excellent now, however, when the truck is rolling at speed there is a rhythmic clacking sound coming from near the transmission. It doesn't happen when revved in the driveway.


Thought the exhaust may have been jarred when pulling the trans, the whole system needed to be replaced so went ahead and had the piping from the manifold back replaced. Sounds awesome now! clacking is still there.....will be checked on tomorrow. 




Put a wireless car charger in. It mounts with a suction cup so added a black plexiglass cover behind the dash and it holds fine. Drilled holes in the dash to allow the wire that powers it through the cigarette lighter to be stuffed behind the dash.



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Added cup-holders after reading the write up Ronnie did here: http://comancheclub.com/topic/39314-cup-holder-another-one/ 

fits great! I'm 5'8'' and like to put the clutch to the floor so the bench is really far forward but it works. Also finished the herculined floors today. 




Clacking sound was a loose speedometer cable in the engine so we ziptied it down. Should be good to go for the drive up to Colorado in a few weeks! 

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My rig has a black top (done by previous owner). I like the look. Check my build thread for pics.


Looks great, I was gonna do the window trim black as well, it works well on your rig. Your truck has a lot of things I'm looking to add to mine, wheels, front end, fenders. Thanks for the link! 

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