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My Herculined 90 Comanche

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This is my '90 Pioneer 2wd 4.0 AW4. Currently has 76,000 miles and going through a 4wd swap.




 -removable doors, billet window cranks, billet mirror

 -New 96 complete header panel in black with mesh inserts

 -3 row all aluminum radiator, Moroso upper hose filler neck and cap

 -Dual digital media stereo with MTX marine 6s, coaxle and component

 -7.5 RE coils

 -Fox 2.0 Shox-front

 -Rough Country control arm drop bracket kit (this kit was for the XJ. THE REINFORCEMENT BRAKETS DO NOT FIT. Rubicon Express has the MJ kit)

 -Iron Man upper and lower adjustable short arms

 -Hell Creek 4.5" leafs

 -38.5x11 Boggers on 16x7 steelies

 -IH/Chevy "hybrid" passenger drop HD dana 44 and dana 60

 -Clayton cut-to-fit and adjustable track bar and Clayton 2" drop track bar mount

 -Crown stainless 28" brake lines for XJ/MJ (honed for chevy banjo bolts)

 -High Steer kit

 -soon to be installed Dana 300, 23 spline AW4 from a 95 XJ



Stock with 56,000k


MTX 7801 amp to 2 XTANT 12s I had recoiled several times. When I smoked those, I got 3 Kicker Comp 12s and put them in a tool box. It was the loudest thing ever lol.

The 7801 also blew 4 old school Kicker Comp 15s and 2 solo baric 12s I've had in another car.




I primered it and liked the look. 29s from my friend were too small for the rear



Did a little mall crawling



31s and Bedliner



After a while the Herculiner got dull so I used some Krylon beacause it's flexible. I added another coat to the black areas



also put some 32x10 mud claws on it with some spacers. 2" front and 1.25 rear I think


An uncle gave me his Ranger grille so I made it work




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just grill, look close and you can see the fenders are "squared" not "rounded" like 97+


It looks amazing in the very first picture. Should have left it red, and clean.

Not bad. I'm not a fan at all of the lined dash but to each their own! Love the grill, did you swap fenders too? or just the front grill?

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well, I took my truck to southeast Kansas over memorial weekend and slept in it for four days. let my friend drive it up hill thru the trees to the pond...there went a mirror...other friend got his short wide stuck. I drove out to attempt a pull and a wheel sank like quicksand. good thing for an awesome farmer down the road to save the day with his tractor to get us out the next day(we knew it was all bad but we were on that turkey 101 and thought it would be hilarious when my buddys parents came over in the morning to fish. I think they expected it) well, here are a few more pix to make your buttholes pucker :driving:



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i decided not to use the front and the blocks are coming offthe rear. i don't see how the bedliner is destroying it. it has no rust anywhere and itll be a long time until it does. if i want a truck to look like everyone elses, i woulda started with an s10. the only thing i messed up was the bed corners which were bent...everything else is on cherokees everywhere. yes it is 2wd. gota start somewhere

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also have tubing. insted of cutting the perch off the pumpkin, i found tube that will lay beside it. its weird. i know. but the coil mount will be partially over the casted perch on the pumpkin. maybe we will truss over the pumpkin. not sure yet. my buddy is helping me with this.ALx5ABR.jpg

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Lol. Well, I do stack wheels under there too when I'm wrenching. Took them out for the pick. When I did the rear I had four stands and they were wobbly Cuz of the rocks. My paved driveway is steep. Never said for anyone else to do it. Thanks for caring tho

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