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Not sure where this one goes.

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Well, I was at the JY this weeend getting parts for both my Jeeps and I came across an MJ. I was already out of time and had to get home, so all I had time to do was grab the VIN. If someone could run a build sheet for me (or at least give me a year) I will get it listed.




From the really quick look I was able to get it's (probably) '89 long bed, 4wd, bench seat, silver or grey, pretty sure it was a pioneer. It had been picked over pretty good, but did have a decent aluminum camper top and bed mat.

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The 10th digit is the year. It follows the alphabet. Starting at 1986:












I don't believe they use the letter "I" in VIN's or the letter "o" due to easy confusion with its number counterpart, so that's why its skipped.

Rob L.

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