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any ways to add extra power real cheap

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The engines are so well designed and built that there is very little can be done to make more HP. Basic maintenance, plugs, wires, air filter etc will help keep what HP you already have. Never tried it but larger injectors are supposed to be good for a couple extra ponies. For big bucks I'd go turbo charge.

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Define cheap.


To me, a cheap mod is under $100. There is really nothing you can do for this price to get more power. You could try the 99+ intake manifold. Some reviews say it adds to the butt dyno, others say it is a waste and can actually hurt performance. Research and make your own conclusions.

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The 99 + intake would really only help on a 91-98 4.0. On a Renix motor, the intake ports won't line up correctly with the head, and the higher flowing manifold wouldn't really help any. Plus, even if you got the manifold for under $100, they're kind of a PITA to put on an older 4.0.


There really isn't much you can do to get more power out of the motor for even kinda expensive Those bolt-on supercharger kits, last time I checked, were about $4000. If you want more power, look at gearing.

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if you have larger tires:lower gears. buy randys ring and pinion book, learn to install them yourself, buy a torque wrench and a dial indicator/mag base and save major coin. is your truck stock suspension/tires or what are you working with? 505performance has a cam that claims around 40 hp for a few hundred, but I'm sure with hp gain, mpg would go down. i have a bored throttle body, banks torque tube header, 2.5" cat back (all for around 750-800), sure it sounds beefey and a noticible power difference, but i should have geared it first to get my mpg higher and be easier on my tranny

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gears, gears, gears. but they aren't cheap. the cheapest way to get lower gears is to find a cheap XJ or MJ with lower gears than you have now, buy the whole thing, swap the axles, then sell off the leftovers.


don't ever waste your money improving a Dana 35.

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i can spell its just was easier to spell it that way


Just harder for the rest of us trying to read it. You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you make your posts easier for the masses to decipher, you might get more/better responses. I can think of a few very helpful seasoned members who probably read your post, and skipped it because of the spelling/grammar.


Short story, besides a home-brew cold air, there is no quick, easy, cheap, or free mods you can do. The 4.0 is a pretty stout motor out of the box as is.


Rob L.

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Could we please work on the spelling a bit?


Rob L. :dunno:


hookd on phonix rilly wurked fer me ;)


if i were you, id hold off on the power upgrades, when you put thoes 31's on gear it. do you know what gears you have now? new ring/pinions for front/rear can be had for around $500, then have to be installed.

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I'm just wantin to know antidisestablishmentarianism all people have done to add more power to there comanche's for real cheap


Probably the second-most asked question there is (and the first one has nothing to do with vehicles), but the answer to both has

the same general theme, you only get what you're willing to pay for. So, here's what comes to my mind:


Reduce rolling friction (alignment spot-on, wheel balance spot-on, no brake binding, no bearings binding, good inflation, etc.)


Improved breathing (less restrictive exhaust, less restrictive intake, open up the throttle body, etc.)


No ignition weakness (plugs, wires, coils, etc.)


Lowest viscosity oil your climate will permit.


Do ALL of this, and you may see 5 peak HP gain at the most (my WAG).


I think Pete is right on the money that gears will make more effective use of the power you do have,

but if you want to add real horsepower you have to spend real money. What comes to mind first

(my suggestion of bang for the buck) is a cam, with higher flow injectors, and improved PCM mapping.

My guess is, that would set you back around $500 or so. It is also known to fuel an insatiable

quest for even more power.


I've learned one thing about chasing horsepower, and that is, when you fix the weakest link,

you get to discover what the second weakest link is.

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yeah ive increased flow a bit by cutting it off right at the cross member then putting a glasspack on it adding the air filter(i noticed a quite a bit of a change in the response after these here mainly because i got rid of a exaust leak)

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