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  1. hick92

    Performance tuners

    Jet performance might make a chip for it Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  2. hick92

    What is the fastest you've ever driven your MJ?

    I have redlined mine in last gear
  3. hick92

    Outlaw Star III

    That and a couple weeks ago I got a pair of decent tails only flaw are some scratches in the lens and the passenger side has a broken mounting tab
  4. hick92

    Outlaw Star III

    I like the look but I don't wanna spend $200 for them
  5. No problem just wasn't paying attention just was clicking the notification on my phone
  6. Wait this is that post just go to the first page of this thread and look at all the items Pete has to offer
  7. Give me a little bit to get you the link
  8. hick92

    Outlaw Star III

    Cool I would like to lift mine just don't wanna spend that much right now
  9. I have always wanted a k5 just either they are expensive or to far gone
  10. hick92

    Outlaw Star III

    I will my transmission cooler was delivered today now to figure out if I wanna use the radiator one as well
  11. hick92

    Outlaw Star III

    Mine should be running again next week